Hello! I'm Lucy!

Hello! I’m Lucy and I started watching Doctor Who in 2005 at the tender age of 8, and I’ve been obsessed ever since! Currently based near Boston but originally from the North East of England, living with my friend and our cat who is named Morag based on the character from The Omega Factor (yes, a series I did only watch because of Louise Jameson…)

I love the TV series and the Sarah Jane Adventures hit me at just the right age for it to have a lifelong effect on me, but mostly these days you can find me listening to Big Finish. Like most people who watched the masterpiece of the TV Movie and wanted more 8, I turned to the audios and have been deep in the mire ever since :rofl: I love Lucie Miller more than anything, also a big fan of Gallifrey and Counter-Measures and I spend far too much time per day thinking about Leela and Allison Williams. And if anyone else has heard the Omega Factor audios and wants to talk to me about how brilliant they are, believe me I have a lot to say about them :rofl:


Hi Lucy

Glad too see another fan of Counter Measures - I love that series. Not ventured into The Omega Factor (although I’m often tempted - luckily I can get them free through my library app so I might eventually take the plunge).

You do not want to know how many times I have watched Remembrance :sweat_smile: and actually I’ve listened to the CM audios probably more than I should have too - I just love them so much

but yes, the Omega Factor audios are so brilliant. The TV series, ehhh, not so much - Louise Jameson is the best part of it. But the audios actually are genuinely just a good listen

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Does it matter I haven’t seen the TV show before listening to the audios?

Not particularly, I think - to be honest, a lot of the TV show is quite muddled and confused about what it’s doing anyway, so I don’t think you’d be missing too much context that doesn’t get explained in the audios anyway.

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I was probably a bit over the target age when The Sarah Jane Adventures was on, but that didn’t stop it having a lifelong effect on me :smiley: have you heard the new Big Finish audios? :heart:

I also love Lucie bleedin’ Miller!

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SJA is the best :heart_eyes: And yes, that last episode of the new Beyond Bannerman Road set absolutely wrecked me in the best possible way, I hope they make loads more of it

And how can anyone not like Lucie!! Those 8DAs on Radio 4extra were literally my gateway into Big Finish :purple_heart:


I haven’t heard any of beyond bannerman road, but I’ve heard enough about it to make me really excited for it