Hello! I must be going

Just a brief introduction! I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since the early '80s when I would watch Tom Baker (and occasionally Jon Pertwee) on PBS.
The first story I watched on broadcast was the TV Movie, but I didn’t really become obsessed until the show returned again in 2005.

Since that time, I’ve truly devoted myself to the classic series in all formats, but I still watch and love all the new stuff, too! William Hartnell has moved into the top position along with my childhood hero (Tom!) in recent years, and Capaldi is my favourite among the “new” Doctors.

I’ve recently finished reading all of the Virgin New Adventures and Eighth Doctor Adventures novels, and I’m considering selling some of my liver to pay for next year’s Big Finish audios.

Anyway, thanks for reading and we’ll see you out there among the stars!


Welcome welcome! If you’re a fan of Tom, I think the Fourth Doctor Adventures by Big Finish are fantastic, and I think most of them are relatively cheap now.


Welcome! Do pop in to our Book Club posts every now and then to discuss Virgin New Adventures that you remember, or give them a re-read to discuss them with us!

We are also currently watching the First Doctor’s TV episodes in the TV Club !



Welcome to the forum @ivocaliban - great to have you here.


Hey, welcome to the forum!!


Welcome! Wouldn’t we all sell our liver for Big Finish :sob: looking forward to seeing you around!


I have most of those and I am currently enjoying his travels with Harry Sullivan and Naomi Cross in the current “series.” Next year’s releases have already been announced, too, but I haven’t budgeted for them yet!