Hello Humans!

Greetings all! I’m Jesse, otherwise known online as YoungCodger, though there’s a detail about here that might show that of course. /lh
My introduction to Doctor Who was Series 5. At about 10:20 at night on PBS, I saw a young guy in a bow tie try to stop a redheaded girl from being taken into the Earth. Very soon later my father got the whole of Series 5 cheap on Amazon & I watched the entirety of the series in one sitting. I was captivated by it completely & the rest of my adoration followed!
Since my first episode was The Hungry Earth, I went to my DVD/Video Rental store for more Silurian stories & naturally selected Doctor Who And The Silurians. Then I watched all of Classic Who that I could from that place - all before Series 6 Part 2 finished! Probably. The memory is a mite hazy.
I generally prefer Classic & Big Finish - expanded media in general - to New Who, but every part of Doctor Who has more than worthwhile merits. I look forward to those yet to come, & that I’ve yet to find, but moreover, to those we’ve all yet to! Absolutely wonderful.
/g /pos
Oh yes: & these slashes with letters are Tone Indicators for those who are curious. There’s a Master List here if you’re interested:


Welcome to the forum and thank you for explaining the / to us oldies!

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Welcome! The Hungry Earth is definitely an interesting episode to begin with - did you have any idea who the Doctor and Amy were?!

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Thank you! /g /pos

None! The only thing there would’ve been is catching a glimpse in 2009/2010 of the Series Four titles as a runner for The Satan Pit on PBS Q (now rebranded to PBS World) at roundabout 10:30 at night. Even then, I would’ve known there was a “Doctor” - no idea about a companion! /g

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