Hello from Dante St4rshiptr00per!

Heyyyy I’m Dante!
I’m 22, American (Washington state), and NuWho was a really big deal for me back in middle school. I was (and to a lesser extent still am) a huge fan of the tenth and eleventh doctors, before I stopped keeping up with the show right at the end of Eleven’s run. This past year I’ve been getting wayyyy back into the series and I’ve discovered the Classic series as well as the Big Finish audios!!
I’m primarily focusing right now on chugging my way through Six, Seven, and Eight’s main range audios, but have been making headway on the 70s-80s TV seasons and some of the EDAs as well. Recently, I’ve been getting interested in the Bernice Summerfield audio series too. Considering how much of all of these there are to check out, TARDIS Guide has been a big help. And who doesn’t love a good checklist.
I’m an artist and have been going totally nuts at the lack of extended universe fanart online. My art instagram is @Big_lizard.png for those interested.
If you’ve got DWEU fanart to share definitely hit me up, I’d love to see!! Or if you just wanna chat about DW in general.
Very cool to get to be part of a fandom forum like this :slight_smile:


Hi Dante, good to have you here.

Bernice Summerfield is awesome, especially Lisa Bowerman’s performance for Big Finish. Her universe is almost as sprawling as Doctor Who what with the original New Adventures stuff with the Doctor, her own series when they lost the licence and then all of BF’s various eras - the Collection, Legion, the alternate universe. But she’s worth it.


Welcome! Do you think we should create a fan art section on the forum?

oh I would LOVE that!!! It would be so cool to have a little art gallery going in here.

Fan Art - TARDIS Guide Forum :wink:

Nice to see people coming back to the show

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Lots of us never left :smiley:


I stuck with it during the chibnal years need a medal

I really enjoyed the Chibnall years - more than I enjoyed Capaldi’s time if I’m honest.

But TARDIS Guide is all about celebrating all of Doctor Who - even the bits we were less enthused by.

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For me doctor who during that time wasn’t as bad as some people made out what I dislike about the time period is that doctor who slowly became irrelevant in society

Oh I couldn’t care less about whether it is relevant to society :smiley:

I survived the Wilderness Years when Doctor Who was something people laughed at and thought was dead.

If I like it, I like it and sod anyone else :wink:


Let’s not get bogged down talking about stuff we didn’t like, but I just wanted to say I think it was the Capaldi era that started the trend of the show becoming irrelevant in recent years.

I think it was a combination of an older Doctor, that people didn’t fancy, and it being removed from Netflix in international markets - it just wasn’t talked about.

I love Capaldi and think his run of stories is one of the greatest, so that’s such a shame. @deltaandthebannermen you need to rewatch them to appreciate them more! He’s such a great Doctor.

Then when Jodie was cast there was a huge flurry of excitement but then it died down again.

Hoping with Disney on board now the show picks up even more again :laughing:


I did warm to him a little in Series 9 and 10 and there are quite a few stories within there that I really enjoy - Flatline is excellent for example. But there were some terrible characterisation choices in Series 8 in Moffat’s writing.

But you’re right - let’s stay positive :slight_smile:

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