Hello from Ace!

hello! my name is ace, and i became a fan of doctor who back in august of last year.
i found the show through becoming a fan of david tennant and wanting to watch more of his shows and such. decided to start with doctor who. the more i watched, the more i realized that i’ve seen seasons 1-10 before. so i grew up watching doctor who but never knew the name of the show until lately.

other than doctor who, i love marvel, star wars, dc, hannibal, and good omens.
some hobbies of mine are reading, writing, playing video games, editing videos, and watching tv.

thanks, hope everyone has a good day!


Seeing 10 seasons of a show without learning its name is honestly kinda iconic of you


I was gonna say… how did you watch all that and not know the name of the show? Haha

Welcome! Glad you’re here. As such a new fan, do you find the site a bit overwhelming?

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Welcome Ace to the forum!

Glad you now know what the show is called - it’s a bit like carrying the mystery of the Doctor’s name to its extreme conclusion.

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only once i get into looking at the books, lol.
i’ve already seen all of nu who, first season of torchwood, 1996 movie, and i’m watching tom baker’s seasons right now. i just love to track all sorts of things and when letterboxd wasn’t doing it for me with dw stuff, i found this.


to everyone wondering how in the world i watched a show and had no clue how i didn’t know the name:

my dad had it on tv and watched it himself. i barely paid any attention bc i was so confused for most of the show LOL

if im being honest, i thought part of the show was star wars and the other half of what i thought star wars was is guardians of the galaxy.

imagine how it was to rewatch star wars for the first time.


Didn’t U see the title sequence?

I suppose if they were wandering in and out they might not have noticed - or could have thought the show was called MATT SMITH or KAREN GILLAN or PETER CAPALDI

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Peter Capaldi Season 2