Hello from a Doctor Who maniac!

Greetings, TG! I’m a whovian who just loves the concept of the Doctor saving the universe so much that I decided to go on a huge media journey following the Timey Wimey Detector on the TARDIS wiki.

All TV, audio, prose and as much of the comics and other materials as I can. This website is thus perfect for me! I was hoping to begin a thread in which I compile my thoughts & continuity notes of each story. I’m hoping it won’t be too many messages! I’m currently in the 1st Doctor, Steven & Vicki era.

One way or another, it’s great to be here!


Welcome. We are all maniacs here :joy:



Wellllllllll he does save the Universe most the time :speak_no_evil: . The amount of media out there is a lifetime worth.
Welcome to TardisGuide :tardis:


Welcome to the site!

Still have plenty of 1st and 2nd Doctor serials I need to watch myself, though it’s getting to where a lot of those have missing episodes…

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Welcome! Good to have you here and I’ll be really interested in your notes on the stories.

We do plan on eventually letting people write reviews on the site, however I think the discussions that can be had on the forum are much more fun!


Welcome to the forum - I’d love to see your thoughts on continuity. I used to obsess about that sort of thing but it ended up beocming too unwieldy with the wealth of material available.