Hello everybody

Hello, I’m Natalie, I’m 21 and I’m from the UK. My family informs me that I’ve been watching Doctor Who ever since it came back in 2005, which makes today pretty apt to sign up for here, now that I think about it. That also means I’ve been watching the show for 19 years… that is really scary to think about.

I used to only really be in the TV show itself, but over the past few years, I’ve been getting further and further into the expanded universe - realising that it kind of is the best that Doctor Who can offer, which is exciting.

My top three Doctors are the Third, Eighth and Eleventh and I’m probably the biggest fan of Invasion of the Dinosaurs and War of the Sontarans on the planet.


Welcome to the forum Natalie - good to have you here. Invasion of the Dinosaurs and War of the Sontarans are both excellent stories.

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War of the Sontarans has got a Sontaran on a horse… What’s not to love :grin:



Welcome to the forums! It’s interesting to meet people who’ve been watching the show literally their entire lives. I mean, I’ve “only” been watching it for ten years, and that’s around a third of my life :grin:

Honestly, one of the two best Flux episodes.


I see your ‘third of your life’ and raise you a ‘4/5 of mine’.

Thanks all, looking forward to delving deeper into this site


Welcome! You’re in good company :smiling_face:

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