Have you ever thought what it's like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension?

So, this is an introductory post.
I’m a lifelong Whovian, having seen all of NuWho, and I’m working my way through the classics. I have a book collection of some of the new series books, and some target novelisations, a collection I’m trying to enlarge. I’m buying Who on DVD whenever I get the chance (currently have all of Eccleston’s adventures, Christmas Invasion + New Earth, and a few random classic stories. I 'm also getting into Character options figures, and have History of the Daleks #14 alongside a couple of assorted figures
My favourite Doctors are 12, 8, and 7, and my favourite companions are Nardole, Ace, and Charlie



Hello there!

Welcome to the forum @Weirdnerd200 - look forward to chatting Who with you.

Welcome @Weirdnerd200 - we are all wanderers in the fourth dimension here!


hi fellow Nardole enjoyer!! now that’s an underappreciated character <3


Welcome to the forum!! :tardis:

My warmest welcome to the forum, you’re in great company!