Guess the Episode 8

Once again, Guess the Episode time!

This one might be easy mode, but I’m trying to avoid making it too easy. Which meant not showing a ton of the episode, in this case…

As usual, there are 5 screenshots from the episode. Look at each in turn, and see how quickly you determine the episode, then check the answer at the end!

Screenshot 1

These places all look the same...

Screenshot 2

Escalator, won't you help me place this mall...

Screenshot 3

It's about time you got to me. How else are the players going to place this era?

Screenshot 4

This isn't the Star Wars set?

Screenshot 5


Answer: It’s Orphan 55! Or wait, no, The Mysterious Planet, sorry…

Bonus 1

Excuse me, this is my show, thank you very much.1

Bonus 2

Your show?

Bonus 3

I'm afraid I have a new charge to levy against you, Doctor...

Edit: Not actually sure this is easy mode, but I thought it might be at the time I made it.


I got it at 2, but needed 3 to confirm. At screenshot 1, I thought we were in early Pertwee.


Screenshot 1 would definitely be a tricky one. The Colin Baker era in general is a difficult one to do “Guess the Episode” for, since there aren’t really too many stories it could be.

I also rather felt Bonus 1 would’ve been an immediate giveaway, as she very much stands out in my memory on this one!

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Definitely! I think you chose your images well.

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Thanks! Couldn’t resist pairing Bonus 2 and Bonus 3 next to each other. And honestly, Screenshot 3 was caught at just the right moment…

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Oooh - you finally got me with number 1. But number 2 was a dead give away. One of the first stories I had ‘bootlegged’ so it was watched a fair amount.

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Three for me - I guessed Pertwee on number 1 too!


Hmmm. I didn’t get it. Need to rewatch Colin’s era, as I had bo idea! But thanks for the challenge!

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You know, with number 1, IIRC, I was somewhat inspired by when Whodle had a field of wheat as a screenshot, and everyone was talking about how many fields of wheat there were in Who. I remember timing when I took the shot, too, to minimize any potential giveaways.

No problem! I actually feel a bit like I should rewatch this one, too…


Got it in two.

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Had to use three guesses this time. Number 2 made sense when I saw number 3 :grin: