Guess the Episode 5

Time for another round of Guess the episode! Classic only.

One thing that may make this one easier, even, is where in classic I pulled from…

As usual, I’m giving you five screenshots, and when you think you know what it is, check the answer at the bottom.

I’m giving more than 5, actually, but the others are just bonus shots to look at afterwards…

Picture 1

The round things.

Picture 2

Er, the second screenshot

Picture 3

A smile

Picture 4


Picture 5


Answer: The Web of Fear

Bonus 1


Bonus 2

The pain!

Bonus 3

A web

Bonus 4

Our Furry Friend

Thought I had this auto-set to post a few hours ago. Oh well…


Ah, sad, another one I didn’t get. I think it’s time for a Two rewatch for me!

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Ah well, can’t win them all. I was, admittedly wondering if I should have taken screenshot 2 out and added something a little easier. Adding pictures of Leithbridge-Stewart would have been too obvious, of course…


Took me three this time :+1:

Those first two were really nondescript

I love that story and Ann Travers!

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Admittedly, #3 was just too good of a shot not to put in.

So were some of the bonus ones, hence my adding them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really a shame about the one missing episode…

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Web of Fear! Anne Travers was immediately familiar!

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(Sorry, spoilered that one quickly.)

I’ve got a feeling that’s going to be the key screenshot people recognise…


If she was blonde I’d have thought it was Astrid Ferrier! She was the first name that came up to my mind!

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I got it on the 4th. Was stumped for a while there.

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Admittedly, if anyone guesses it on 1 or 2, I’ll be rather surprised…

Sometimes, I actually feel like I should give more than five pictures, because I come up with too many good obscure shots.


I’m waiting for you to do 5 really obscure/random/generic pictures and put the wrong answer in on purpose.


Oh, if I do that, it won’t be on purpose.

Of course, I’m sitting here wondering if I should bump screenshot 3 in episode 9 down lower because of it being too much of a giveaway. (And I think in next weeks, you can’t actually see anyone’s faces. :stuck_out_tongue: )



I had no idea until #3 and then I checked #4 just to be sure, and go it right. This is a great story, and I’m so happ yhtat it (almost) exists!

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Yeah, I think this was actually one of the first serials with missing episodes I watched, largely due to the Brig. I should probably watch it again, but that can wait until I watch the Abominable Snowman

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I didn’t actually guess it, I suppose, since I wasn’t paying very much attention when I was watching the Second Doctors run but on the first image I went oh! the one immediately after The Enemy of the World and then failed to remember which serial that was. I should probably rewatch this one.

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Wrong on 1 but got it on 2.


Got it in one! A great story and some lovely screenshots.

Thank you!

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Well, sounds like you remembered which one it was, but not the name, at least. Though, yes, rewatches of this serial all around!

I was wondering if anyone would get it on 2!