Guess the Episode 4

Might as well make another one. Hope I’m not leaning into being too difficult here, but someone will probably recognise a piece of gravel or something…

Yet another round of guess the episode, no cats involved. I’ve taken 5 screenshots from classic who. Go over them one by one, guessing which episode it is, and check the answer at the end, to see if you have it right, and how few guesses it took you!

Picture 1:

It's a knife!

Picture 2:

A pickaxe

Picture 3:


Picture 4:

5 is all glowy!

Picture 5:

Tegan seems to be all glowy, too!

Answer: These pictures are from Frontios

This may turn out to be the “I tried too hard to make it difficult edition”. I’ve got two more ready at this point beyond this…

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I’m kind of proud that I got it in three :+1:
Not a particular favourite of mine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good work! :+1:

I made this one about when I was starting to really feel like I was making these too easy, so started concentrating on trying to make everything harder to place. And no people until the last two pictures! :stuck_out_tongue: Not actually a particular favorite of mine either.

Edit: Also, on the first picture, I paused right when no one was in the picture. Someone was on that table…

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got it in 5. Been AGGGGGESSSS since I last watched this one.


To be totally honest, when I picked it out, I was kinda looking for episodes I didn’t remember too well, on the premise other people might not, too…

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I got it in 2. Thank you!

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No problem! :ood:

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Oh boy, I didn’t get it :frowning: Five is definitely one of my least watched Doctors


Don’t worry, I’m not sure I’d have got this one either!

And next weeks will not be the 5th Doctor! (And that’ll actually be obvious by the first picture…)


Didn’t get it this time! I knew from #3 that this is a Fifth Doctor story but couldn’t quite place it. I haven’t watched his era a lot and don’t really remember Frontios at all :sweat_smile:

Thanks for making this!


Got it in 4. The first two were giving me Green Death.

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Got it in two but only because I recognised the costume. Not a story I’ve actually watched a huge number of times.

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