Guess the Episode 2

Time for another round of Guess the Episode, since people enjoyed it last time!

I’ve got no way of confirming if you are correct or not until you check the answer, but unspoiler each screenshot in order, and see when you figure out which episode it’s from.

I’m basically only doing Classic Who for these…

Screenshot 1:

Picture 1

Screenshot 2:

Picture 2

Screenshot 3:

Picture 3

Screenshot 4:

Picture 4

Screenshot 5:

Picture 5

Answer: The Carnival of Monsters

Was going to put some bonus pictures in, but one looks too spoilery, even blurred…


Got it in one!


Was worried about putting the draft there…

Good work, though!


You think I wouldn’t recognise a Miniscope? :wink:

Got it in 1. Great selection of screenshots :+1:



And yeah, was kinda hoping people wouldn’t recognize a miniscope…


Got it in one as well, too easy! I didn’t even have to check the answer! But I liked your chosen screenshots. Number 2 might throw some people off unless they’re familiar with Classic and know that Ian Marter appeared on the show before he played Harry!


Yeah, I think “too easy” might be something I need to work on. Putting together the screenshots was fun, though. I actually took around 10 or so, then picked these from the ones I took.

One I decided was too much of a giveway, even blurred.

I did feel like the ship ones were generally fun ones to throw in, and actors who played multiple roles are always fun for this sort of thing…


Wow it has been way too long since I watched this episode, it took me three


Got in in one :sunglasses:


Got it in 2.


Glad not everyone’s getting it in one, though I do feel like I’m a little off on what people are likely to remember…

I feel like it’s an episode worth revisiting, too. Premise is great, and the Doctor and Jo Grant are great in it…


Got in 2 but was thinking it was that one in 1 but wanted to make sure.

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You know, this is probably far down enough that people that haven’t guessed yet probably won’t see it…

Bonus screenshots




Ooh it’s Vorgenson’s father and wife

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Yep! I really ought to rewatch this one. It was fun.

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I wish I watched Doctor Who more often. I know a lot of Doctor Who thanks to My Little Pony related stuff, but actually watching the show does’nt come common to me. Mostly because there’s too violence and genocide and stuff.

I’m weird about TV Shows and videogames. I’m not interested in normal stuff, only in weird stuff. This includes that I’m not interested in stuff about love. I am cishet but I am an ally of any kind of relationship but I’m not really a shipper but some couples such as Vorgensen x Shirna, Caris x Deedrix, and in some corner of the multiverse, even Luvic x Nyssa… come easily to me. Now I’m not a shipper I’m mostly focused on my favorite character Luvic. But he’s from a very recognizable and somewhat popular episode and the only time Robin Soans came back was as Chronolock Guy (or as I call him, Civul of Habria) - an extra\non-character credited as a cause of death, presumably a reference to how Trakenites got genocided.