Guess the Episode 1

I realized this format won’t actually work that well after taking the pictures, but I already have the pictures, so I might as well post it anyways.

I’ve got five spoilered pictures here, hopefully. Click on them, and try to figure out which story or serial they are from, and then click on the spoilered episode, to see if you are right…

Picture 1:


Picture 2:


Picture 3:


Picture 4:


Picture 5:


Answer: Image of the Fendahl


I got this one after the first image, but that’s mainly because I rewatched the story just a couple of weeks ago, so it was fairly fresh in my memory.

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That would do it!

One of my bigger complaints on Whodle is that it’s new Who only, and I’ve always kind of liked this one…


I got it in one as well :+1:

Fendelman in the first image was a dead giveaway :grin:


Yeah, I suppose so. Probably should have had him as 5 and substituted a different picture for one of them.

This one almost made it in:



That would’ve made it slightly harder actually, and it’s a fun screenshot :grin:

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Yeah, it’s a good one. I substituted the tarot card for it.

Was actually hoping people would be guessing about whose head that was the back of in the first one. Oh well. First time trying to write one of these.


Well you stumped me! Although I’ve only seen Classic Who once through!

If I get around to building my own version, we can definitely make it Classic Who as well!


Sounds good to me!

Main trouble with a forum post is that you can’t check if you’re right after every picture. And I’m not sure the spoilers blur enough.

If it was integrated into the site, you could probably just have a form like the quotes one. Submit five pictures and pick an episode from a pulldown, and it’s submitted as a potential entry in the game.

Or have episode galleries of pictures that people can submit screenshots to, and just have people pick five of the existing pictures. :ood:

I get my episode screenshots from the excellent site Tragical History Tour and would love to just get one big download of them all, then I could make things like this. But the images have to be curated in a way that makes it difficult at first then easier and easier.

So it would take a lot of time to make!


I pretty much did the “skip around in vlc on the episodes until I see something good, then screenshot it” approach on this one.

In fact, I specifically wanted at least one shot of Leela, and at least one shot of Ms. Tyler. Thought about a shot of Tom Baker, but Leela pretty much implies Tom Baker.


First image and got it - love that story (mainly for the glory that is Ma Tyler.

Thanks for doing this because I too don’t like the fact Whodle is modern series only.

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No problem. If I do it again, I’ll probably be a little more careful on the screenshots, as I’m feeling like the first one was too much of a giveaway.

Still sort of judging whether I want to do these every so often or not. Main thing is I don’t really like that you can’t just check if you are right about a guess without revealing the answer. If people like it I might, though, and people are free to steal the idea, of course.

But, yeah, not having classic in the mix has been bugging me, and I feel like I’d be better at it, too…


I like this idea and your approach to it (even if there might be better ways to do it, I don’t know), so I’d love to see it continued!


Got it in one! And I haven’t watched it for many years, so I’m feeling pleased with myself, even if I’m hours behind most people.

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took me three! It was Leela with the gun that clicked it in place for me :rofl:

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Thanks for doing this. I enjoyed it a lot.

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That was definitely a memorable moment, and I felt like I had to grab a screenshot of it!

No problem! It was fun to put together, too.

I did just take ten screenshots from a serial, though choosing five from them’ll be fun, so I’m tending towards another one, though I should probably wait a few days, at least…