Greetings from the vortex!

Hello! I’m Jay, artist, writer, world-builder, Canadian, and hardcore Whovian. I started around the time of series 7B’s airing, but my first episode was The Eleventh Hour. If you can’t tell 11 is my favourite Doctor, and my favourite episode is The Doctor’s Wife from series 6. (Valarie Lockwood and Donna Noble, and Bill Potts are my favourite companions as of current!)

I am autistic as well and my constant and closest hyperfixation lands on the TARDIS :blue_square:, which is why my everything is themed around her. Hope your doing well!


welcome Jay!

Donna and Bill are my favorites too! i haven’t listened to any stories with Valerie, not sure how i feel about an Eleven not played by Matt

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I was pretty hesitant for the same reason, but I promise its worth it! Jacob Dudman does an absolutely incredible job of both doing an impression while also playing his own Eleventh Doctor.


hm i might give his audios a try after The Ninth Doctor Adventures then, thanks for the input!

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Welcome Jay!

I love Donna and Bill too, I too haven’t listened to any of the new 11 stuff but now that the set is complete I’m going to give it a listen. Jacob Dudman is very impressive and I hear it’s a great story!


Welcome Jay.

I’m a big 11 fan too and the Valerie box sets have moved to the top of my list of next BF purchase as I keep hearing good things about them. Dudman’s 11 is uncanny - I recently listened to the Short Trip, Regeneration Impossible and he’s frankly indistinguishable from the real thing. I’ve heard less enthusiasm for his 12 but I think he made a pretty good go of it in the same story.

I love Donna and Bill and my wife adores Donna so was excited when she returned last year. She was devastated with her original ending so I think Donna’s closure was as important to my wife as it was to the character!


hi Jay!

Donna, Bill, and Valarie are also some of my favorite companions, I’ve been really enjoying the 11 & valarie audios [I haven’t finished the new Victory of the Doctor set yet, but I’m enjoying it so far], and The Doctor’s Wife is also my favorite episode!