Greetings Everyone

What up. I’m FromThePlanetClom (you can call me Sheen). I’m from the USA, unfortunately. Been a Who fan since Matt Smith was wielding the Sonic and ever since then, it’s been one hell of a trip. I originally was on TheTimeScales but well… given how that site is run by a not so good guy, I think I’ll cut my losses and abandon ship. TARDIS.Guide is looking to be a a VAST improvement over that. It’s also nice seeing some non-toxicity for once in this fandom.

Well to round the introduction here’s some of my favorite Who things:

Doctors: 4,7,8,9,12,15*
*I know it’s a bit early to say but like man… Ncuti is just knocking out of the park

Stories: Seeds of Doom, Midnight, Bernice Summerfield: Blood and Steel, Festival of Death

Companions: Ace, Donna, Hex, Evelyn, Leela, Romana, Martha, Charley


An official welcome @FromThePlanetClom - it’s good to have you here to chat about Doctor Who. We’ve tried really hard to build an inclusive, friendly forum so I’m glad you’ve picked up on it.

I am loving Ncuti too and good to see Midnight in your top stories - I think it’s a phenomenal episode.


Welcome! Excellent picks for favourites, I agree with them all! Everyone here is absolutely wonderful so I hope you enjoy being with us!


And you’ve all done phenomenal job so far bru.

And yessir, Midnight is just a masterclass at tension and horror. It’s impressive that Russell only wrote in such a short time.

Dude, the moment Ncuti split from Tennant I knew that that man was gonna be like lightning in a bottle. He’s been fantastic so far. So distinctly Doctor-y while still giving his own vulnerable, energetic spin. I might be in love.


Welcome @FromThePlanetClom! (Are you an Abzorbaloff?)

I loved Ncuti as well from the moment he first bigenerated, and he has been absolutely brilliant so far!



Hey, welcome to the forum!!


Ah, a fellow member of the “TimeScales Survivor Club”!

Don’t worry, you’re in good company; quite a few of us have ditched that cess-pit in favour of TARDIS Guide.

Speaking as someone who has been here nearly a month now, everyone here is really friendly, and the site is really well managed.

You’re gonna have a great time here!


Ayyyye what up gang.

Shame too cause I personally really liked that site. Apart from the odd review where some people were saying how certain stories were “woke” :face_vomiting:, it was a really great way to see other people’s opinions on Who. Especially yours, I’ve read a few of your reviews on TheTimeScales, I like ‘em.


Hopefully people will migrate their reviews :eyes:


It’s funny how I can guess one particular person you’re referring to there who was a right royal pain for years!

Thanks for the compliment. I’ve transferred some of my reviews over here - not many - but I’m also uploading new stuff too.


I think there must be at least ten of us “TimeScales escapees” over here now.


A mighty welcome to you! I love your username and profile pic (Clom needs more love!).

I don’t know why I find this funny. Why is it unfortunate that you’re from the United States?

Midnight is a modern masterpiece, and I also really like Ncuti, especially after his performance in Boom. 7 is another favourite Doctor of mine, so we share that as well!

Anyway, I’m also a TS escapee, though I joined TG a few weeks before the meltdown. I’m slowly bringing my reviews over and participating in a wide range of discussions on the forum. I hope to see you around, and I look forward to learning more about you!


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