'Goth Opera' REVIEWED!

As the vampires of Great Britain make preparations for an age of endless night where the undead reign supreme, the Doctor realises that one of his friends has been bitten… and the transformation has already begun!

My review of ‘Goth Opera’ is now available to read.


I haven’t read the book, but I probably will listen to the upcoming audio adaptation of it - what are your thoughts on that?


I’ve got mixed thoughts on the upcoming adaptation, but that honestly describes my relationship with that whole range.

I think some of the adaptations are incredibly well-written and faithful to the source material - stuff like ‘Cold Fusion’, ‘Original Sin’, the three Roberts Fourth Doctor stories.

Then you have stuff like ‘Damaged Goods’ and ‘Nightshade’ where a lot of the content was edited out due to it being deemed to adult for audio, and it loses something in the process.

Then you have something like ‘The Highest Science’: an enjoyable book that the adaptation completely butchered.

It all depends how the aptation turns out. I believe it’s Lizbeth Myles handling it, and she does have a good track record as a script writer, so my hopes are up.