GaiaMIX's Traken Thread

Luvic\Robin and Katura\Margot without their wigs and makeup

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There are five Luvics now!

Is it because they have the same hairdo? :sweat_smile:

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Yup and also that’s how I see their potential Chemistry. If Emma ended up on Traken or Luvic on earth. As originally the ship was suggested to me by chatGPT.

AI is going to have a lot to answer for in the future…


yeah let’s just say it’s a crackship and leave it at that

This is so obscure I love it

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Well they are both one-time characters

Of course Jess also played Verity Lambert in the docudrama, and Robin also played Chronolock Guy (or as I call him, Civul of Habria) (Him and Toci\Alien Lady are unrelated characters* and Habrians and not Trakenites, or else Nyssa won’t be the last of her kind!**) and Shadrak Winter (well he narrated that audio but still I count that as playing Shadrak) (I think the Winter family is canon to the Whoniverse future)

*They’re unrelated to each other cuz they’re a couple, and they’re unrelated to their best friend Elderly Lady\Leada, and thus they’re also unrelated to Leada’s daughter Habrian Lady\Admis. BUT the four of them are Habrians (a species known for their aggressivity) and it’s even in the credits for little Admis. So they aren’t related to anyone else either, because (as far as we know) no one else is an Habrian. Yet.

**They’re so utterly dead that the only time that Robin was brought back it was to play a character that’s credited for his own cause of death. Which I think was on purpose. (The Doctor does say “remember 82” to a kid resembling a five year old Davison, and Clara says “Do Cybermen show mercy?” to Ashildr right after Chronolock Guy\Civul dies) (It’s soap opera tropes apparently, that’s what Sarah Dollard wanted to write for) And then they brought him back in audio in the same year, to narrate an audiobook so it’s not even a Big Finish full cast thing. Part of me thinks he deserved to play Tony Mack or Perkins or something instead.

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This is because of nonneurotypical, nonalloromantic, nonallosexual reasons that are completely unrelated to real life or Doctor Who!

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Also I decided: I will selfship myself (well, a sona, propably not the actual Whoniverse myself) with Luvic

Apparently, according to my dad, Sobin Soas (not Robin soans, odnas benifacium, jack Dylan grazer, or Nicoletta militello) is an actual person who will be playing Light Grey Kid in a new episode set on Traken

This is very obviously an AI generated image. What was the source of your dad’s ‘news’?

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My dad told me it because I was’nt too well and it resembled the name “Susan Wainwright” which is the name of a premade sim I’m obsessed by: I thus tend to be interested in names that resemble it.

Sobin Soas even got a female rival named Sobina Loas.

BUT meeting younger versions of the Traken Council would be wonderful!

I think you’re dad is making stuff up, to be honest.

Not convinced the new series is returning to Traken any time soon.

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This is why Sobin Soas - the actor playing the Grey Kid in the next Traken episode - is’nt born yet: the next Traken episode will be made in the far future.

Technically Traken might reappear IF Tegan and Nyssa get their own spinoff together and we get flashbacks of Nyssa on Traken. BUT I’ve also heard such a spinoff might be audio based.

And for Traken in the main show: RTD propably would’nt accept an episode set on an alien planet. In fact Classic Who DIDNT EVEN VISIT ALIEN PLANETS THAT MUCH. Not even Late Four Era had that many alien planets, except Season 18.

Instead I think this will happen:

Gatwa\15 era: 2023-2028

16 era (actor born 2000) under Mark Gatiss as the showrunner: 2028-2031 (it’s similiar to the moffatt era, with moffatt returning as a writer, as well as having quite a few writers and directors in common)

17 era (actor born 2010) under a wholly new showrunner (born 2000, grew up with nuwho, but is a classic who fan and wants to get the show back to Classic Who basics): 2031-2034 (on the 70th anniversary they put all of classic, tv movie, and NuWho on streaming together, from Unearthly Child to the upcoming episode, and rebrand it as the same show with what will be 48ish seasons and counting) (and being the 17th Doctor, of course they homage Classic Who Season 17)

18 era (actor born 1980) under the same showrunner as before: 2034-2037. This is the earliest that I think would return to Traken.

And I think if we do: it will be about the Denis Carey Keeper becoming the Keeper, which means that Tremas, Seron, Kassia, Katura, Luvic, Nyssa, or Neman aren’t born yet.

But I also think such a showrunner will accept Traken as a destroyed planet and not want any episode set in it. It might get referred alongside Adric’s death as one of the “big events of the past”.

tKoT itself basically was supposed to be a filler episode about millennialism which was supposed to be very different from all of 'Who and more of a Shakespeare homage, and also be the pretty sets episode! But it was turned into a plotline episode instead. So we got an iconic Master from it. But then it was decided that if we get an iconic Master from it we could also get an iconic Companion from it, and Nyssa got teleported to Logopolis, and then they became part of a trilogy with Castrovalva.

Yes, technically something else could have happened: Nyssa not being made into a Companion and Traken not getting destroyed. In this case:

S19 would be mostly or completely different. It would feature the Fifth Doctor with Tegan and Adric. Time-Flight is the season finale and Tegan still leaves at the end.

Meanwhile “The Beast” is a show running concurrent to Doctor Who Season 19. It stars Sarah Sutton as Ann Talbot Cranleigh, Michael Cochrane as Charles Cranleigh, and someone as Smutty Thomas.

S20 is completely different. There’s no Turlough for once, and no Black Guardian trilogy. Tegan does’nt return, instead there’s a new American companion played by an actually American actress. Adric leaves.

“The Beast” gets renewed for a 2nd season set in 1926.

S21 is also completely different, to fit with said new Companion. The American girl leaves. We get Mel early. In the season finale the Doctor regenerates into someone wholly new (actor born about 1955)

“The Beast” gets renewed for a 3rd season set in 1927.

S22 is a Trial of a Time Lord esque story where the Doctor leaves Future Mel, has an adventure with Past Mel, then travels with Future Mel again.

“The Beast” gets renewed for a 4th season set in 1928.

S23 - Mel leaves, Ray joins. The 18 month hiatus still happens.

“The Beast” gets renewed for a 5th season, set in 1929.

S24 - Ray leaves, Ace joins, the Doctor regenerates into an actor born 1960.

S25 - a Cartmel Masterplan season.

S26 - another Cartmel Masterplan season.

S27 (1990) - the final Cartmel Masterplan season, in which Ace leaves, Raine Creevy joins, and the Doctor regenerates into the Eighth Doctor, played by an actor born about 1965.

S28 (1991, Eight’s first season, Andrew Cartmel as the showrunner) This is a darker season, similiar to the VNA’s. Serials gets abandoned in favor of longer NuWho-esque episodes.

S29 (1992, Eight’s second season, Cartmel as the showrunner) Again a darker season.

S30 (1993, Eight’s third season, Cartmel as the showrunner) Yet another darker season. Raine Creevy leaves. A Benny Summerfield equivalent joins, and the Doctor regenerates into Nine, played by an actor born about 1970.

S31 (1994, Nine & Benny, by Marc Platt)

S32 (1995, Nine & Benny, by Platt)

S33 (1996, Nine & Fitz\Compassion equivalents, by Platt)

S34 (1997, Ten (actor born about 1957) Fitz, and Compassion by Ben Aaronovitch)

S35 (1998, Ten, Fitz, and Compassion by Aaronovitch)

S36 (1999, Ten, Charley, and C’rizz equivalents by Aaronovitch)

S37 (2000, Eleven (actor born about 1965), Charley, and C’rizz by Nick Briggs)

S38 (2001, Eleven, Charley, and C’rizz by Briggs)

S39 (2002, Eleven, Rose, and Jack equivalents, by Briggs) (I decided, the Companions get decided between the previous and next showrunners)

S40 (2003, Twelve (actor born about 1970) Rose, and Mickey by RTD)

S41 (2004, Twelve, Martha, and Mickey by RTD) (Jack gets his adult spinoff, and Sarah Jane her kiddy spinoff)

S42 (2005, Twelve, Amy, and Rory by RTD) (second seasons of the spinoffs)

S43 (2006, Thirteen (actor born about 1980), Amy, and Rory by Steven Moffat) (third seasons of the spinoffs)

S44 (2007, Thirteen, Amy, and Rory by Moffat) (fourth seasons of the spinoffs)

S45 (2008, Thirteen and Susan II by Moffat) (fifth seasons of the spinoffs) (and final season overall, both of the show and the spinoffs)

Also, the way I talk about my dad about Doctor Who, you’d think the show was some sort of shippy comedy show that puns on Luvic’s name, and that this fantomatic Luvic of Traken was one of the main characters, an hero who travels between Nibiru and Traken with frequent stops on Earth, and that the other main characters beside Luvic are: Nyssa of Traken, Adric of Alzarius, Fiffi Versalatte, Susan Wainwright, and Nyvi of Traken. And that the group of Luvic, Nyssa, Adric, Fiffi, Susan, and Nyvi is called the Humanized Skittles.

I’m only invested in Luvic cuz I’m actracted to those susannesque names, as I stopped on the “Sobin Soas” name and I was exaggerating with it! But soon it will go away!