Free Big Finish Audio Dramas on BBC Sounds!

I’ve known about the fact that there are free audio dramas available on BBC Sounds for a little while now, but I am not sure that other people on this forum know about it. They seem to be available regardless of country.

A few more (Tenth Doctor Adventures Season 1):

I wonder if it would be possible to add links to the audio pages so that more people could know about them.


The thing is that these are only temporarily available (i think roughly a year). I assume that’s why there are no links to them from TARDIS guide. Some War Doctor, for example, used to be on there, but got removed after too much time had passed since the radio broadcast.

Redacted on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be goin anywhere, so it does have a link to BBC Sounds. Introducing Doctor Who: Redacted · Redacted · TARDIS Guide

Oh, and that also reminds me; Redacted is available on Spotify as well. If someone could link it that would be cool. Thank you.

(Maybe a guide could be made of ways to access free stuff? That way more people can get to know about Sounds together with whatever more ways there are.)


And the great thing is that Sounds isn’t region-locked, so the app can be downloaded and used without problems outside the UK. I listened to a bunch of DW-related podcasts last year during the 60th anniversary through Sounds.


Yes Owen is right, the free stuff on Sounds rotates so I hesitate to add it to the site, it will mean lots of work adding and removing.

Thanks for the Spotify link! I’ll add those when I get a chance.

As for a way to see free stuff, I did start working on a guide for this but never got around to finishing it. However, there is a filter called “available for free”. Here’s a link to everything with that filter on!

Edit: the filter isn’t enabled by default, you have to go down to “more filters” and turn it on, then select it.


I listened to the Torchwood BBC audios through there almost a year ago now. Looks like The Dead Line is still available but the others are not.