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If more custom Doctor Who themed emoticons were added to the forum (aside from the lovely :tardis:) what would you guys most like to see?

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Just to throw some ideas out there…

A few off the top of my head would be K9, a Dalek, Handles, Lady Cassandra, an Auton, & the Face of Boe. It’d be nice to have various doctors, a few companions, maybe some Master emojis. a sonic screwdriver, the 7th doctor’s umbrella. And we should make sure we’ve got all the emojis from Smile, of course.

Generally Doctor Who-ized versions of normal reaction emojis people use would be good. (smiling, frowning, being smug, surprise, etc…)


A Nimon emoticon please.

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Those would be awesome. I’m trying to source them at the moment. I’d be willing to pay, but not the rates some are charging for totally custom emojis.

I’d put them on Discord as well, and stickers.

But not having a lot of luck at the moment.

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Sontarans, Silence and Angels might be fun too. And a Time lord with collar.


I’ve been given permission by the artist to use these on the site (currently give them at random to users who have no avatars) - should I create some emojis out of these?


They would look great as emoji, though I do not need reminders of the creature design decisions made for Dalek Sec :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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love these emoticons

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I love the Zygon one!

I’ve added these so far! Enjoy!

Would love to get some more too!