Font Awesome checkmark not showing up properly?

Just was noticing this when going back looking at episodes on the Tardis Guide (and yes, I should rate Keys of Marinus. Reign of Terror, I haven’t watched.). Seems like fa-square-xmark is showing up, but not fa-square-check…

Had it on list mode, and noticed when I set it back to grid mode.

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Weird, it shows for me in Safari but not Chrome. Also the search icon in the filter menu not showing in Chrome. I’ll look into it, thanks.

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No problem!

It’s also a problem on Firefox, btw, since I tested it on both Firefox on Linux and Firefox on Windows. I technically have one computer in my apartment that can run Safari, but I haven’t powered it on in months. I should reset it up at some point, but if I remember, I shuffled the half dead monitor to it, so probably no point until I get a new one…

It just goes to show that Safari is the best browser haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve contacted FontAwesome support, as I have a Pro account.

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Well, you know, if they actually released it on other platforms… (Actually, I’d kinda welcome more non Firefox/Chrome based browsers out there. I’m hoping Ladybird comes along well.)

Sounds good, though!

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What are we looking at? I use Firefox and that’s what mine has looked like for ages. I didn’t realise it was wrong.

This is what it’s supposed to look like!

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Yeah, basically the issue is that little box that says F14A. A lot of times on websites, parts of the ui like checkmarks, hearts, the icons on the bar at the top when you are typing a message, etc… aren’t actually saved as pictures like you might think, but are actually text in a special font called FontAwesome, where all the characters are commonly used icons on websites.

That box with the hexadecimal number in it is what shows up if you are trying to print a character in a font that doesn’t exist. The number is just telling you which character is missing.

No actually this is what it’s supposed to look like!

They still haven’t gotten back to me but I’ve fixed this myself by uploading it as a custom icon… :blush:


That’ll work for the moment. Can always figure out why it wasn’t displaying later, when they get back to you.

I feel so stupid now :smiley: I never realised that it looked wrong on my end, because thats what it’s alwas looked like! But now it’s been corrected :partying_face:

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Haha. No worries.

I did originally use ASCII symbols for these, as they can be copied & pasted to be used on social media and stuff:

:ballot_box_with_check: Completed
★ Rated
:heart: Favourited

But then I saw someone’s screenshot of the site from an Android phone and the icons were all so mismatched and weird shapes, I hated it! So I went all-in with font icons :grin:

EDIT: they are replaced by emoji by the forum. This is how it should look:



Just accidentally spotted another missing icon…

Also, based on that search, seems like there’s an audio on the Doctor Who channel on youtube you may not have listed…


Yes that icon bugs me, another one that only works in Safari :pensive: I’ll try and take another look.

Added the audio annuals to my list, good spot I must have missed those!

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No problem. I started exploring the official Doctor Who channel, and noticed it had a playlist for audios, and thought I’d check to see if they were on there.

And yeah, figured it was probably another Safari only icon…