Following members on the website

So a feature I added to the site right at the beginning is the “Follow” button. It’s not had much love since, and since adding the forum I think I could do more with it. Please let me know your thoughts…

What it currently does:
If you follow someone, then when they complete, rate, or favourite stories it shows up in a list (a newsfeed) on your homepage. Oh, and their number of followers goes up. That’s it.

Some more ideas

  • I could make it more active, so you actually get a notification whenever someone you follow does something on the site
  • I could add more actions - how about when own a collectable, when they save something for later, or when they use the rewatch feature?
  • Would you like to be notified when someone you follow unlocks a new badge?
  • I could add forum-related things - get notified when someone you follow creates a new topic or post.
  • I’ve also played around with the idea of showing directly on a story page the ratings from people you follow.

What do you think? Do you use this feature? Are any of the ideas above useful?


I very rarely go onto the homepage. My profile is where I land mostly.

My idea would be:

  • a profile tab with the list of followers (already implimented) with your list. On that you could have a newsfeed with likes, favs, ratings etc.

  • On story page ratings/favs from who you follow AND sitewide. (my thinking is seeing someone who rates like you again and again can leade to following etc.

Not sure about notifications as it may get cluttered etc. Maybe an icon to indicate next to ‘following’ to let people know there is activity.

just my VERY quick thoughts while i should be working. I may revisit when i’ve thought more.


I like all and any of the suggestions so far :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want to get a bunch of notifications, but if notifications were optional and more things showed up in the feed on the home page that would be great. And a tab on the story page for ratings from people you follow would be very nice

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I think that this feature might be more fun when written interviews are launched. To see when and what persons you follow are writing.


Likewise. (12 character limit)

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Oh, any and all new notifications would definitely be opt-in.

It’s interesting that people spend more time on their profile page. Is that because of the buttons that take you to completed/ uncompleted/ rated etc?

As the profile page is a couple clicks away, should I copy those to the homepage as well?

I use the non-forum side of TG mainly for the completed/uncompleted buttons, yes. At least for me (as an established member), the front page doesn’t yet give me any reason to visit it. There are only the standard buttons saying “view the full list of stories we have”, but I’m not interested in viewing the whole gamut, only the ones I haven’t seen.

I’d love if one of the main header buttons was specifically to access the profile (while leaving the rightmost avatar for settings and whatnot).

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I mostly use the homepage. I only use my profile to watch my stats.


Honestly, this is me as well. The homepage is my most visited, but that being said, the suggestions above have all been great, and I belive they’d improve the overall usability of the site for most users.


Yes exactly

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I must say I think I probably spend a pretty equal amout of time on my profile page for stats and buttons and whatnot, and the homepage because think my most used function is the next upcoming story one.

As for following people, I don’t think personally I’m that fussed about seeing people’s activity in terms of pure ratings, but once we start leaving reviews, I’d be interested in reading what people have to say and being notified of it


also I think it is less cluttered. if it was the way I said wtih a profile tab etc it would mean i could see the data whenn i wanted to.