Finally thought I should introduce myself

hi there, been lurking around since January and absolutely loving the site :grin:. Mostly just posting this so I can hopfully get verified and start posting reviews at some point.

Let’s see, what should people know about me… I’m Lilly, I like to say that I’m a third generation Doctor Who fan, both my parents were fans growing up, and my grandma used to teach infant school so she got into Doctor Who very early so she’d know what her students were talking about, and then became a fan in her own right, I once gave her Troughton DVDs for Christmas. I myself have been watching Doctor Who for as long as I can remember, my earliest memory of the show is the Face of Boe dying in Gridlock, and I know it wasn’t the first one I ever saw. Not quite seen all of classic who yet, but after many years the end is in sight, and I’ve dabbled in some other mediums as well.

Favourite Doctors are 2, 3, and 12, and don’t ask me to choose a favourite companion, that’s an impossible ask


Hi there. Welcome to our little piece of Gallifrey (the not burning part).


Welcome. It sounds like you come from an awesome family. While I want to hear more about your opinions on Who I also want to hear more about your grandma. Did she enjoy the DVD? Was 2 her favorite?

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I have no idea if she even watched them. I know 2 is her favourite at least of Classic Who because I was watching season 7 round her house one day, and because I’ve been working through the show chronologically, I’d recently finished 2, so we got to talking about him and she mentioned how he was her favourite. I got her Tomb of the Cybermen, the Seeds of Death and The Mind Robber because they were some of my favourites (and also exist in their entirety). The main reason I got her the DVDs is because my parents got her a portable DVD player that year. I hope she watched them, and if she did I’m sure she enjoyed them


Sounds like a great lady with great taste!

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Technically all the parts of it are always burning somewhere, I think the forum is just built into a time-fold for a moment where it isn’t. If the servers go down we all fall into the jaws of the Nightmare Child.

@sandymybeloved welcome to the forum; your username is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. #justice4sandy


Welcome to the forum @sandymybeloved . Good to have you here.

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Welcome! I’ve verified you :hugs:


Welcome to the forum! Wow, you’re part of a real Doctor Who family. I’m jealous now, sounds like a great environment to grow up in!


Hey, welcome to the forum!!

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