Feedback/Suggestions: Deleting Comments

I just thought I’d point out that at the moment, deleting your own comments seems a little too easy.

Namely, the three dots are at the end of the icon row, and if you click on them, the trash can is then at the end right below your cursor, so if you accidentally click twice, you’ve just deleted your comment (though you can undo, thankfully).

It also should really come up asking if you really want to do this…

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Thanks for the comment. I’ll leave this one to Shaun but it’s a fair point.

No problem!

I thought about creating a thread just generally for feedback and suggestions, but there was already a category for it, so I figured they should just be posted individually.

I might have noticed this anyways, but I accidentally deleted a comment and then undid it, so that pretty much guaranteed it. Changing the order so it isn’t the last thing in the list would take care of a fair amount of the issue, though I do feel confirmation is also a good idea.

Thanks so much for your suggestion!

Whereas I built the TARDIS Guide website mostly from scratch, this is some (very good) open source forum software called Discourse, it’s the best forum I could find.

That does mean that customisation, while possible, would be a little tricky. I’m planning to tweak it a lot to make the look and feel match the site, but things like altering how it works I’m not super comfortable with in case it has issues when it is updated, etc.

I looked it up and there was some discussion about this very issue, but it was decided that as you can instantly undo a delete there is no need for confirmation :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve taken your excellent suggestion of re-ordering the items so delete isn’t the first one that popup up when you click the thee dots. It’s now Share, which itself is a confirmation popup.

Does that help?

Thanks again!


Makes sense, and I’m not surprised there was already a discussion about it on the forum software’s page, since I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s run into that.

Reordering it will definitely help, as accidentally doubleclicking and choosing share isn’t nearly as big of a concern, especially if that does have a confirmation on it. Thanks!

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