Favourite Season 8 Story

What’s everyone’s favorite Season 8 story or stories? Remember, you can vote for more than one.

  • Terror of the Autons
  • The Mind of Evil
  • The Claws of Axos
  • Colony in Space
  • The Daemons
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The Mind of Evil needs more love and attention - it’s brilliant!


I love Colony in Space (among other things, I think it’s possibly the best way to introduce the Master into a story) and really enjoy The Mind of Evil.

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My eldest loves Colony in Space and I have seen it through their eyes and seen what might appeal.


Season 8 is my Who happy place :tardis:
Is it flawless? No, but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

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The Claws of Axos is SO underrated!!

You clearly have excellent taste :sunglasses: