Favourite Season 26 Story

What’s everyone’s favorite Season 26 story or stories? Remember, you can vote for more than one.

  • Battlefield
  • Ghost Light
  • The Curse of Fenric
  • Survival
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Honestly, loved this season, wanted more.

Battlefield was the Brigadier’s last hurrah. Having him actually be married to Doris was a nice bit of continuity. The Doctor as Merlin is great, and I love Morgan Le Fay, and the moment with the nukes. Liked Brigadier Bambera, too, who was played by the same actor as female Lister on Red Dwarf!

Survival, well, it was the last serial of classic. Love the ending speech, and I’m highly in favor of cat people, LGBTQIA+ subtext, and the Master was great. Wish he’d been able to play the Master like that for more of his run. Some bits are wobbly, but I enjoy it.

Okay, yeah, Curse of Fenric is great. I like seeing more of Ace’s history established, and oof, that moment with her and the Doctor. And the stuff with the baby turning out to be Ace’s mother…

Ghost Light was weird, but in a way I like, and more important Ace/Doctor things going on. I do wish it’d had another episode to flesh things out a bit more. It’d be nice if it wasn’t one that needed rewatches to get everything.


It’s an excellent season. The only reason I didn’t vote for Ghost Light is because I feel like it needed one more draft before it reached the screen to both flesh out and refine some of its ideas. It’s still good, but I just like the others more.

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Yep, and I pretty much agree on Ghost Light, I just liked it enough to vote for it anyways.

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Ghost Light all the way - phenomenal series, but Ghost Light is like nothing else Who has ever done, ever (but given it rose out of Lungbarrow’s ashes, perhaps I’m biased :stuck_out_tongue:)!


Season 26 is almost flawless, 4 absolutely amazing serials. I’ll never understand why the show was cancelled after such a show of force.

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I’m a little in shock that Battlefield is level-pegging with The Curse of Fenric but, yes, this is a strong set of stories. The only reason it was still cancelled is because, frankly, the decision had already been made and no matter how good this season, it was always going to be taken off the air.

But you know what, it’s ancient history now. Fans kept it alive during the Wilderness Years and there was an explosion of creativity and look where that got us. Maybe, if the series had continued into the 90s we wouldn’t have the modern series. Who knows!


I actually really like Battlefield. It’s just a lot of fun. I’d say that Battlefield and Fenric are equal favorites in this season for me.


easily my favorite season of classic who… of course it is, Ace is my baby. so many ideas in these last 4 serials that capture my imagination, even if they struggle sometimes with having the budget and ability to portray them, and the runtime to fully realize them. HUGE love to my favorite space-clown-wizard and troublemaker apprentice duo and their complicated relationship.