Favourite Season 20 Story

What’s everyone’s favorite Season 20 story or stories? Remember, you can vote for more than one.

  • Arc of Infinity
  • Snakedance
  • Mawdryn Undead
  • Terminus
  • Enlightenment
  • The King’s Demons
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Honestly, this run of story is a good one! For a long Time I felt Season 20 was 5’s weakest, I am not sure if I still believe it, but in hindsight I find myself having a lot of going for some. Obviously, Enlightenment is the 11/10 Story here. But Stories such as Mawdryn Undead I find myself really enjoying it, even if it brought the whole UNIT Dating Controversy to life, lol.
The weak spot is easily The Kings Demons, I just don’t really like that Episode, Ainley as always is great, and it’s fun to have another sword fight between the Master and the Doctor, but that’s about it. And Terminus is a hard one to rate, one of those Serial where the Episode have such a big quality shift between Scenes to Scenes, at least for me.
As it is a charming Season, even if the bringing back part gets a bit too much here.

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Season 20 is one of the strongest runs the show has ever had. I feel the only one that really lets the side down is Terminus and I long for the world where The Return got to be made but even then that doesn’t detract from it all that much? I know it’s not that popular but I even really enjoy The King’s Demons for what it is.

Snakedance and Enlightenment are among the best stories the show has ever told though, and it’s a shame it’s so hard to recommend them to get new people on board because they’re both following up on other plot threads! Snakedance you can maybe get away with? But I feel like for Enlightenment to really land with people you need that build up with Turlough and the Black Guardian.


Haven’t watched this whole season but did really enjoy Enlightenment. And fun fact for anyone who didn’t know: it was the first episode of the show to be both written and directed by women! (The second would unfortunately not be until 35 years later with The Witchfinders)