Favourite Doctor Who Podcasts

Annette Badland on the new episode of My Time Capsule.

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Mine are:

Radio Free Skaro - I have listened to every episode from the last 15 years on the week of release. So I’m definitely a fan! I skip the commentary sections but otherwise they are my main source of news if I’ve managed to miss it anywhere else.

The Missing Episodes Podcast - They rarely put an episode out but these are all essential. You find out about the story and production details, the likelihood of episode’s return and details of the returns we have had to date.

Something Who - There is crossover with the presenters of missing episodes, so would recommend if you are enjoying the above already. They review classic and new who stories, then compare and find links / similarities between them. Most recently they compared The Sensorites and Planet of the Ood.

Toby Hadoke’s Too Much Information / Indefinable Magic - Toby has loads of DW podcasts, but I’d home in on these. Too Much Information is fastidiously detailed production notes. Indefinable Magic are these beautiful essays focusing on strange and hyper-focused details of the show or fandom.

Lazy Doctor Who - I have a soft spot for this, with a member of Verity and a member of Radio Free Skaro, who are a couple. Best enjoyed as a companion piece to a watch through of the classic series. Despite having been going for years they are only partway through the Pertwee era, as part of the ethos of the show is that they are “lazy” and only record when they feel like it.