Favourite Doctor Who Podcasts

What are your favorite Doctor Who podcasts?

Mine are:

  • Traveling the Vortex

  • The Doctor’s Beard

  • Lazy Doctor Who

  • Flight Through Entirety

Without a doubt, the best Doctor Who podcast out there is Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels. It’s really the only one I listen to regularly.

I’ve never managed to find another one which doesn’t annoy me - usually because the episodes are like 2 hours long.



The World Enough and Time

WHO Corner to Corner

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I used to listen to loads of podcasts but find I don’t have much time for them anymore.

The Oodcast is my all time favourite, but they have been very inactive lately. They write sketches and songs, and are very positive, it’s brilliant.

After an episode I always listen to The Doctor Who Flashcast from the Incomparable.

I love Verity, and Radio Free Skaro is great but I do quite often skip the ones that aren’t focused on the latest episode.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for all this Who content!

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I didn’t mind the official podcast launched with the specials. Some nice behind the scenes stuff from RTD.

The Game of Rassilon’s quite fun. It’s basically a multi-season campaign using the official Doctor Who RPG system.

Who Cares? is a very good in-depth discussion podcast. With episodes regularly over 3 hours (I always listen at 2x speed), they discuss not just the episodes themselves, but any and all behind the scenes clips, commentaries, and ancillary material, including promotional stuff (even the novelizations and official podcasts for the most recent episodes). They basically deep-dive into every episode, with no concern for “We haven’t got time to discuss that.”


3 hours!

I can’t do that x2 speed thing - it just sounds weird to my ears when I try.

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I have “Who Cares” in my podcatcher and always mean to listen but the runtime frightens me off, I mean look at this:

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I don’t have time for that!

I believe their longest one is an episode by episode breakdown of Yaz’s character journey, clocking in at nearly 9 hours

9 hours! That’s a novel length podcast, wow.

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Any specific suggestions for good Who podcasts that are more diverse/inclusive with their hosts?

Flight Through Entirety and Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room

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Depending on your tolerance level for official podcast vibes, the official podcast has three diverse voices.

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I did try. But no lol

I had a hunch :wink:

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I like to listen to The Missing Episodes Podcast. It’s very infrequently updated, but full of interesting information about the stories with missing parts.

Something Who is worth a listen. It’s usually monthly, with occasional outages. They discuss a classic story and compare/contrast with a new one. There’s usually something insightful in there and it’s generally entertaining.

The Sirens of Audio is fabulous. They often have a guest, either a Big Finish author or an actor and they do a very interesting interview. I also love the Rabbit Hole feature, where Dwayne and Philip just riff on a random subject related to Doctor Who. They also publish regularly.

The Doctor Who Show may not be imaginatively named, but it often includes something interesting or entertaining. Hosts Rob and Dave chat about a season or story in depth. The spin off show The List Makers is also fun, and usually only 20 minutes long, unlike the main show, which I don’t often finish.

Verity, of course, is wonderful. Many different contributors who often have quite diverse views.

I like Toby Hadoke’s Indefinable Magic essays. They’re usually thought-provoking and entertaining, although they could sometimes do to be edited a little more tightly.

There are many more out there, but these are the ones that I’ve found myself going back to.


I meant to reply to this to say, yes, this is a fascinating podcast. I’m only up to the episode about Mission to the Unknown but it doesn’t look like they’ve released anything new since September 2023 and the last story they covered was The Smugglers. I do hope they manage to cover the missing Troughtons.

I’m sure that they will do. They had a huge gap around 2021 when no new episodes came out, then we had a clutch last year. I don’t think they’ve hung up their sonics just yet, they just seem to have busy lives that mean it’s an occasional podcast, not a regular one.

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