Favourite Cliffhangers - the return!

So the modern series didn’t quite have the same cliffhangery goodness as the classic but there were still some corkers.

The pre-credits bits were an attempt to address their absence.

So what are your favourites from the modern series?

Spoiler - The Stolen Earth blew my mind :exploding_head:

The Stolen Earth spoiler


The end of “The Empty Child”!

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Honestly one of the coolest shots of the show


Heaven sent ending is good

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You beat me to it! Incredible.

Nope, I’ve just thought of the greatest cliffhanger of the revival series. It was incredible.

Spoiler for Village of the Angels if you’ve not seen it:

Cliffhanger to Village of the Angels

It was only spoiled by not being the actual cliffhanger, because there was a scene after (what were they thinking?!) And also being immediately resolved in the next episode, without really any repercussions

Spoilers for Utopia

The Master’s Return to Utopia, and how the shocked reactions change if someone watched the Classic era before or not.

For the new fans, it was “HOLY S–T ANOTHER TIME LORD SURVIVED!!!”
For the old fans, it was “HOLY S–T THE MASTER IS BACK!!!”


This was the one I posted and I honestly don’t think the mid-credits scene takes away from it at all. I actually really love that scene and I think that the Bel and Vinder subplot is one of the best parts of Flux and really pulls it together in a way that I have difficulty explaining. And the sorta weak resolution to the cliffhanger is something that strikes me when I look back on the cliffhanger but I basically don’t even process it as I’m watching because so much great stuff is just constantly happening