Favourite 9th Doctor Companions (Across All Mediums)

Who’s your favorite 9th Doctor companion? Note that this is from across all mediums and includes all TV companions and only multi-story companions from other mediums. Feel free to comment explanations for your choices, but you don’t have to. You can choose as many as you want.

  • Rose Tyler
  • Adam Mitchell
  • Jack Harkness
  • Tara Mishra (Titan Comics)
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I’m not sure if it helps the poll or hurts it that Nine only had a few multi-story companions.

My wife fell in love with Captain Jack character back then.


No love for Adam Mitchell I see. And it appears that not many people read the Ninth Doctor comics from Titan.

I’m not sure reading those comics would necessarily make people vote for him as a favourite companion, though.

I’ve read the serial in question. Wouldn’t vote for him.

Sorry for the confusion. I was referencing the comics’ original companion Tara Mishra.

Ah, sorry. Conflated your two comments. I haven’t read the Titan Ninth Doctor comics but I’m sure I will eventually.

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