Favourite 8th Doctor Companions (TV/Comic/Novel)

Who’s your favorite 8th Doctor companion from TV, Comics and Novels? Feel free to comment explanations for your choices, but you don’t have to. You can choose as many as you want. (I wanted to add audio companions to this, but apparently Polls have a limit of 20 options. Dang you, Eighth Doctor for having so many companions!)

  • Grace Holloway
  • Chang Lee
  • Sam Jones (BBC EDA Novels)
  • Fitz Kreiner (BBC EDA Novels)
  • Compassion (BBC EDA Novels)
  • Anji Kapoor (BBC EDA Novels)
  • Trix MacMillan (BBC EDA Novels)
  • Stacy Townsend (Radio Times Comics)
  • Ssard (Radio Times Comics)
  • Izzy Sinclair (DWM Comics)
  • Kroton the Cyberman (DWM Comics)
  • Fey Truscott-Sade (DWM Comics)
  • Destrii (DWM Comics)
  • Josie Day (Titan Comics)
  • Cass Fermazzi (TV + Big Finish)
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I haven’t read very many Eighth Doctor novels or comics. I like Sam and am not surprised she’s at the top. Mainly, because she’s rather prominant in the novels. Otherwise, it’s kinda interesting to see how this breaks down.

I have but its been a long time and I don’t remember them

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Having read only two EDAs and zero Eighth Doctor comics, I don’t quite feel qualified to vote here, but I do love Chang Lee and I really liked Fitz & especially Anji in The City of the Dead, so I’m voting for them lol

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Having only dabbled in the EDAs, is there a reason why nobody voted for Trix?

My guess is that she becomes a companion so late and is so little known that very few people are even aware she exists, let alone have read a book featuring her