Favourite 4th Doctor Companions (Across All Mediums)

Who’s your favorite 4th Doctor companion? Note that this is from across all mediums and includes all TV companions and only multi-story companions from other mediums. Feel free to comment explanations for your choices, but you don’t have to. You can choose as many as you want.

  • Sarah Jane Smith
  • Harry Sullivan
  • Leela
  • K9
  • Romana I
  • Romana II
  • Adric
  • Sharon Davies (DWM Comics)
  • Fenella Wibbsey (Nest Cottage)
  • Mike Yates (Nest Cottage)
  • Ann Kelso (Big Finish)
  • Margaret Hopwood (Big Finish)
  • Naomi Cross (Big Finish)
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I didn’t vote for any Big Finish companions mainly because I haven’t gotten around to any of them yet. And I listened to a few of the Nest Cottage sets, but it’s been years.

Nothing on God’s earth would get me to vote for anything to do with Nest Cottage.

I vaguely remember enjoying what I listened to, but don’t remember any details beyond a Second Doctor clone in there somewhere. Were they really that bad?

I’m Mr Positive as much as possible but the Nest Cottage stuff is basically ‘The Tom Baker Show’ . He isn’t, to my mind, playing the 4th Doctor, he’s just being Tom and my tolerance for Tom when he’s being all Tom-like is pretty low. I just don’t particularly like his ‘persona’ when he’s on. And that’s how I feel about these stories. There is a marked difference between his performance in these and how he is in BF’s audios suggesting someone actually managed to direct him at BF.

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Okay, that makes sense. While I like the Fourth Doctor, he isn’t my favorite Doctor. That falls more to six, seven, eight and somewhat ten.

ABA - Anyone But Adric.

Poor Adric everything that happened to him and yet that still doesn’t get him my sympathy vote

@shauny or @deltaandthebannermen This thread needs the “companions” tag.

Yay, so much Romana I love!

This made me realize (although I didn’t vote for him here) that from what I’ve heard of Mike Yates in the Nest Cottage audios, I think him and the Fourth Doctor might be my favorite dynamic with Yates in it in general.

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Part of me is a little surprised that Sarah Jane is in fourth place. It always seemed like she was everyone’s favorite. I’m not surprised that Leela’s at the top, especially since she’s Tom’s most prolific companion on audio. Personally, I prefer Romana II over Romana I, but that might also be because she had a longer TV run and has had a long life on Big Finish, especially in the Gallifrey series.


Has anyone listened to the stories with the Fourth Doctor and Ann Kelso or Margaret Hopwood? I’ve only met Kelso in her Dalek Universe appearances, so I don’t know how well she clicks with Tom.

She’s fine, though I much prefer her in the other range.

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