Favourite 3rd Doctor Companions (Across All Mediums)

Who’s your favorite 3rd Doctor companion? Note that this is from across all mediums and includes all TV companions and only multi-story companions from other mediums. Feel free to comment explanations for your choices, but you don’t have to. You can choose as many as you want.

  • Liz Shaw
  • Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
  • Sgt. John Benton
  • Jo Grant
  • Capt. Mike Yates
  • Sarah Jane Smith
  • Arnold (TV Comic)
  • Jeremy Fitzoliver (BBC Audio)
  • The Master (Technically not a Companion, but as he appears in 1/3 of Pertwee’s TV stories and ends up working with the Doctor at some point in most of them, I feel obliged to add him.)
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The best!



I know everyone rates Jo and Sarah Jane, but for me no one beats the original 3rd Doctor companion - Dr Elizabeth Shaw. Caroline John is marvellous and, in real life, was a lovely, lovely person to meet (not that Katy and Elisabeth aren’t/weren’t but I have fond memories of meeting Caroline).


Liz and Sarah and Jo, Three really had some of the greatest companions ever :heart_eyes:


I wish I could vote twice. I love Liz Shaw’s character and she kicked bottom wonderfully, but I’ve a soft spot for Jo as she’s just lovely (as is Katie IRL) and was the first companion I saw.

You can vote for more than one companion.

I didn’t even look to be honest as polls are usually one vote only. Cheers!


Yeah, you can vote for as many as you want.

I’m a little surprised that Liz is topping out the Poll. I would’ve thought that Jo and Sarah Jane would be vying for top spot.

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I think Liz had such potential that was cut short, that may be why!


I mean, I really like Liz too. I just assumed that fandom tends to prefer Jo or Sarah because of their higher prominance in the show.

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It’s always nice when received wisdom gets challenged :smiley:

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I honestly felt like the 3rd doctor couldn’t go wrong as far as companions go. Liz, Jo, and Sarah were all great! They were actually on quite a streak with companions for a while; Leela, K9, and Romana I/II were great, too.


Yep. Thankfuly we have Big Finish to expand on her character. Daisy Ashford is great in the role.

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Is this post a silent dig on Adric? :wink:

It’s interesting that Sarah Jane is in fourth place and that the Brig is beating out Jo. I always thought Liz was the forgotton companion because it seemed like everyone either loved Jo or Sarah.