Favourite 11th Doctor Companions (Across All Mediums)

Who’s your favorite 11th Doctor companion? Note that this is from across all mediums and includes all TV companions and only multi-story companions from other mediums. Feel free to comment explanations for your choices, but you don’t have to. You can choose as many as you want.

  • Amy Pond
  • River Song
  • Rory Williams
  • Craig Owens
  • Kazran Sardick
  • Brian Williams
  • Clara Oswald
  • Handles
  • Valarie Lockwood (Big Finish)
  • Kevin (IDW Comics)
  • Decky Flamboon (Doctor Who Adventures Comics)
  • Alice Obiefune (Titan Comics)
  • John Jones (Titan Comics)
  • Amy Johnson (DWM Comics)
  • ARC (Titan Comics)
  • The Squire (Titan Comics)
  • Abslom Daak (Titan Comics)
  • The Sapling (Titan Comics)
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In which story was Abslom Daak a companion with the 11th Doctor :flushed:

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I only listened to Valerie’s first story and I already love her.


Unfortunately I will be forced to ban anyone who does not vote for Rory. This will be added to the forum rules forthwith.


Including River here feels like cheating :grin:

The second year of Titan Comics’ Eleventh Doctors series.

I cannot believe Rory is beating River Song!!!

Tough but fair :grin:

I have spoken. So mote it be.

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I wish Nefertiti had been a companion.


You know, didn’t read that until after voting for Rory. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arthur Darvill also did a good job playing Richard Madoc on the Sandman. (And isn’t the only Doctor Who actor to have been in that series. Jenna Coleman’s great as Johanna Constantine…)

Edit: Not to forget that Derek Jacobi was in Sandman in the same episode as Arthur Darvill!

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Darvill was also good as Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow.


I gave my vote to Rory (because I really don’t want to be banned from this wonderful place xD), Handles (because, you know he/she/it/they need/s more love) and Valarie (because she’s a well-written companion with a short but intense story arc).


I love that Rory won this hands down.