Favorite UNIT Episode/Serial Poll

Vote for your favorite UNIT tv episodes!

I was partially going by what was tagged with UNIT as an ally, though I added the Invasion because it should have been tagged, and left out a few that weren’t mostly about UNIT, partially because I ran out of poll options. (It’s not like Power of the Doctor or The Giggle are really UNIT stories…)

  • The Invasion
  • Spearhead From Space
  • Doctor Who and the Silurians
  • The Ambassadors of Death
  • Terror of the Autons
  • The Daemons
  • Day of the Daleks
  • The Time Monster
  • The Three Doctors
  • The Green Death
  • The Time Warrior
  • Planet of the Spiders
  • Robot
  • Terror of the Zygons
  • The Android Invasion
  • The Seeds of Doom
  • Battlefield
  • The Sontarian Strategem/The Poison Sky
  • Death In Heaven
  • The Zygon Inversion
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Just as a note, I thought about Web of Fear. They hadn’t quite invented UNIT at that point, though.


The Invasion had slipped my UNIT net, and I’ve now added the unit tag!

Maybe Classic / New Who polls are needed because I think The Giggle is definitely a UNIT story! And The Power of Three, the introduction of Kate Stewart! And there are others where they even visit UNIT headquarters, what about The Magician’s Apprentice? (That was missing the tag too, I’ve added it now).




It was a situation where being limited to 20 options didn’t give me many choices. I would’ve had to replace one of the other options for either, and I think the main one I was iffy on was The Time Warrior. (And honestly couldn’t remember how much unit involvement was in The Magicians Apprentice…)

(And, admittedly, my thought were that polls are fun, and that doing something that needs a new tag would be a good idea.)

Though, yeah, maybe classic vs. modern, though modern UNIT is rather limited…

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I could increase max poll numbers to anything I want… but it might get silly. What’s a good number, do you think?


Yeah, that is a concern. Part of me thinks 30, but part also thinks that could get fairly silly.

Can you have more than one poll in a post? If I’d done two polls in the same post, one for classic and one for modern, that would have worked.

You can indeed!

We’ve had this issue a couple of times so I’ll change it to 30 as well :grin:

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I’d argue The Time Warrior is less a UNIT story than The Giggle.


I would not be worthy of my name if I did not mention that “The Claws of Axos” is missing :slightly_smiling_face:(and ought to be at the very top :sunglasses: )


Added the tag to it on the site :+1:

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Could that be temporarily changed at some point? For example could it be changed, someone makes a poll with every companion, and changed back?

That’s mostly curiosity speaking, probably far more effort than it’s worth

Yeah it could do!

Although I’m planning on “favourites” being an official feature of the website - it will be a big part of how recommendations work.

That will get us better stats for more people, not just the ones in the forum, and it will always be current.

But I enjoy a good poll!

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I mean my favorite 8th Doctor companion poll initially had 31. That’s why I broke the audio companions into their own poll.

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Which I think was a good call anyway because, in a way, they are two distinct eras.


Lots of great ones to pick (especially in classic, I must confess I am always mixed on the new who portrayals, but that’s a different topic).
Basically, I have a few: The Invasion is iconic for a reason, besides the ending no notes, pretty good I love it!
Planet of the Spiders and Robot are both personal favorites, I just have a lot of fun with them, a very nice way for 3 to go out and 4 to come in (although Planet has its issues).
I never viewed seeds of doom as a unit story, but I do love it quite a bunch!
But overall when it comes to being a great unit story I’d have to go with Daemons and Ambassadors of Death easily, probably their best use for me at least.
There are a lot of stories I could talk about, but gonna wait for it when the tv club comes to those!


I must also point out that Invasion of the Dinosaurs is missing, and that’s top-tier for me!


Editing the poll would lose all the votes on it, though, and back in Feb when I created it, that was the maximum number of poll options…


Hooray - something I can agree on with you :smiley:

Invasion of the Dinosaurs is brilliant!


Love seeing love for that Dinosaurs, it’s brilliant, dare I say one of Pertwee´s very best