Favorite Full Series/Season(s)?

I was just trying to answer the “top ten episodes” prompt, and in doing so realized I had too many favorites–and they’re all my favorites for different reasons, which makes them hard to rank. But it’s really easy for me to rank/evaluate complete seasons. Most seasons have a few hits and a few misses, but some are nearly all misses, and a couple are almost all hits. I rank New Who series 4 as one of the all-time best seasons of television because there aren’t any episodes I want to skip–every other season has episodes I skip or don’t really like rewatching, but just about everything in s4 is good. I also always feel like series 9 is really coherent as a full season.


Series 4 absolutely is number one for me. DoctorDonna!

Season One (or Series 14, the one currently on) is fast approaching the top, so depending on if they can land the ending it may be number 2.

Series 5 is also very high up there, lots of 5 star ratings from me.

Series 9 is also incredible.

Edit: just realised my 4 favourite series are with 4 different Doctors which is nice. Sorry 13, my favourite of her era is Flux but it’s not near the top of my list.


I think for Revival Who I’d agree with your assessment of Series 4. It has the least amount of ‘skips’, and Donna is the least annoying of the Revival companions.

For Classic I’d say my favourite would be Season 7. Four solid stories, with only one of them being ‘meh’.


9, 4, 1, 8, and 10, probably in that order are my top five


Damning with faint praise :joy:


For me it would definitely be Series 10, I just enjoy the dynamic between the Twelfth Doctor, Bill and Nardole far too much for the answer to be any other season.


yeah, i’m reserving judgment until i see the ending, but i hope they land it! i think some of the stuff that hasn’t made sense thus far might make sense after the finale, too, but i hesitate to be too confident in that because i’ve seen people commit too hard to similar predictions and be proven embarrassingly wrong in the past.

my favorite of thirteen era is actually s12, but yeah, nothing in there is coherent enough to make the top list… i find eleven era very hard to watch as well, so although i like eleven and i like some individual episodes i tend to not watch full seasons all the way through. (i also love series one, but honestly the fart jokes in the slitheen episodes sort of take it down for me? but rose, dalek, father’s day, and the finale are all pretty iconic, and it’s all pretty cohesive.)


s10 is also really excellent.


Poor choice of words. She is my favourite Revival companion, but I have turned a corner on the ‘hot young woman fawning over the Doctor’ trope. After watching some Who reactions recently, it’s started to annoy me more and more. Donna doesn’t have any of that, so she wins.

Maybe I’m just getting old.


Revival top three are 4, 5, 10, though I have a big soft spot for 1 and 6 too.

Classic top three are 7, 13, 25 with shoutouts to 15 and 23 also.

Too soon to say with New New of course, though ‘season’ 1 probably isn’t ranking up the among the post 2005 stuff for me so far.


I adore series 10 of the new series, and seasons 24 - 26 of the classic show!


Hard question, I won’t lie.
If we are talking about the revival it probably would be 10, 1, 4 and 9 (honorable mention to Series 8, despite having easily the three weakest Capaldi stories for me)
In terms of classic (which admittedly I prefer a little more towards the revival) it would be 2, 4, 7, 13, 25 and 26. (Honorable Mention to Season 17, which I know isn’t very popular but honestly besides maybe one story I really enjoy).


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate how awesome it is to have a show with such a ridiculous amount of good episodes and seasons :grin:

I guess if pressed I would say the best three overall seasons are 7, 8 and 26.
My giddy aunt there are a lot of good ones :+1:


I’d also just like to throw out there, There is a difference between best and favourite.


Very very close between Flux and S9. I absolutely love every second of Flux, and there’s something about full season serials that just works so well for me (see also: Trial of a Time Lord).

But for a more traditional season, S9 is just absolutely peak. The 12clara dynamic is probably my favorite in the show and every 2-parter is playing so well with the themes of the season leading up to a 3-part finale that is, to me, the undeniable best story of the show. Sleep No More is the definite outlier in the season though, and I basically pretend it doesn’t exist when I think about the season.

S10 is just barely behind those two, and S4 and S8 round out my top tier. (As much as I’m always talking about and do very much love 13’s era because that’s where the autism has really latched onto, there’s a reason that “12 stan” is the first thing in my bio here)


Overall it’s gonna be Series 4, 5, and 10. None of those seasons have an episode I feel worse than eh on. They have my favorite TARDIS teams of all time, and my favorite finales. They also each have an absolute standout episode from non-showrunners. 4 has Fires of Pompeii, 5 has Vincent and the Doctor (and Amy’s Choice!), and 10 has Oxygen and Thin Ice.

Honorable mentions to Series 9 and 6, which are also near and dear to me, but have a couple bits of mess and stumble that prevent me from placing them quite as high.

I haven’t watched a whole lot of Classic yet (currently in the middle of season 2) but out of the two I’ve watched I was really pleasantly surprised by how quickly Season 1 got into a groove (The Edge of Destruction through The Aztecs).


i get not liking particular tropes or patterns, but it feels kind of reductionist to say that rose or martha (or any other new who companion) is a “hot young woman fawning over the doctor” when they’re such different characters with such different relationships to the doctor.


I don’t actually see much difference in them (specifically Rose and Martha).

Take my opinions with a grain of salt. They’re just my opinions.


i mean… i don’t think that’s because the difference doesn’t exist.


I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean.