Favorite Curse of Fatal Death Doctor/Characters

  • 9th Doctor - Rowan Atkinson
  • 10th Doctor - Richard E. Grant
  • 11th Doctor - Jim Broadbent
  • 12th Doctor - Hugh Grant
  • 13th Doctor - Joanna Lumley
  • The Master - Jonathan Pryce
  • Emma - Julia Sawalha
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This was going to be favorite Doctor, but I couldn’t leave out Jonathan Pryce…

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I absolutely love The Curse of Fatal Death. It’s hilarious :laughing:


In my mind, the worst thing about Curse was that you had all this great casting playing the characters for such a short time. I’d actually love more adventures from any of these incarnations, and I’d love more of the Master from Curse as well.

Imagine, say, a full season of Rowan as the Doctor with Emma as a companion, fighting Jonathan’s Master…

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I’d love to see Atkinson and Sawalha in a full season. Of course, there are seeds of Moffat’s Who in this special so its interesting to see.


Oh, definitely, and I still think it’s an odd coincidence that what would have been the thirteenth Doctor in Curse was female, and then the actual thirteenth Doctor in canon is also female.

(Of course, honestly, I would have loved Joanna Lumley as 13. I remember her in Sapphire and Steel…)


Oh I loved Sapphire and Steel!