Favorite Comic Lines/Series/Stories

Hello. It seems that no one on here is into the comics much. So, let’s change that. What is your favorite… …Comic Line (DWM, Titan, IDW, TV Comic, etc)? …Series (Titan Ninth Doctor, Titan Tenth Doctor, etc)? …Story (The Klepton Parasites, The Flood, The Star Beast, Weapons of Past Destruction, etc)?

I’ve enjoyed some the DWM comics and most of the Titan run over the past several years. I really wish we’d gotten more Eighth Doctor from Titan as I enjoyed Josie Day as a character and would’ve loved to see more of her (and I really like Eight). I also really enjoyed the Titan Tenth Doctor run. Gabby and Cindy are a lot of fun and I wish it hadn’t ended on such an unresolved ending.


I have not yet delved into the world of Comics, despite having dozens of them from a Humble Bundle, and several on Kindle.

I’ve enjoyed the ones I have read! Definitely need to read more.

Once I start adding them to the site I’m sure I will get intrigued and start reading all the ones I own at least :smiley:


The TV Comic era is utterly bonkers and I love it.

DWM is consistently brilliant with amazing peaks like The Flood.

I haven’t read many of the IDW or Titan ones - I subscribed to the monthly comic but it got very erratic and just started to peter out and I haven’t ever got around to reading many of the issues. There was a really weird storyline involving the Osirians.

I have a complete collection of Classic Comics and they were some of my favourite things to read.


I love the Titan Comics range. 10, 11, and 13 aren’t generally my favorite doctors, but they have by far my favorite comic ranges. With 11 specifically, I prefer his comic stories/characterization over that of his tv run (year 2 especially is incredible). 10, Cindy, and Gabby are easily one of my favorite tardis teams, and I’m still upset they ended that run when they did. 13’s run is just good, with creative ideas and beautiful character work.

The 12th doctor stuff also gets an honerable mention for consistently having the best art. They’re absolutely gorgeous.


The Osirans was the Tenth Doctor run from Titan. I actually really enjoyed it.

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The story for the Eleventh Doctor was really good, I just had a hard time with the art. It was probably my least favorite art among the Titan series.

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Yeah, that art was…odd. Comics which are a bit stylised do tend to be a bit harder for me to read. I think that’s why I prefer DWM on the whole.


Agreed on the art. A comic can have a great story, but if its art doesn’t land with me, I don’t usually enjoy the comic. The gold standard for is Jan Duursema’s art from the Star Wars: Legacy and Star War: Republic comic series.