Fanmerch! Refracted Lives zine

Kind of in the middle of moving right now, so I only just got a bunch of stuff I ordered to my old place :] ivqks159’s Benny fanzine (with super cute stickers) and the Proud Science trans flag tardis pin !!

Refracted Lives is gorgeous, has a great collection of artists (including a couple of personal faves), and came with a thank you note from Benny herself on Braxiatel Collection stationary. Super cute.

And the pin (pictured on my bag, next to a Metaton pin by my bestie Appypie hehe)

SUCH a nice pin. it’s got an acrylic layer over it which gives a very cool 3d effect. glad i caught all of these while they were in stock…


Love how many of us here have some of Jamie’s pins. I wear mine pretty frequently and I love incorporating them into my 13 cosplay


That art is beautiful (and ofc love to see the tardis pins)

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Is this fanzine still available? I adore Benny and didn’t know it even existed!

i only managed to catch them selling the leftovers for charity, sadly… the PDF is up on their for free tho! Refracted Lives PDF by Refracted Lives
im sad about how quickly it sold out, there was an awesome translucent acrylic pin they were selling that i was hoping to grab


I do adore the art! And +1 for the Undertale pin, that’s a crossover I’m always here for.

Me and my partner often talk about how much we wish there was more fanart surrounding Big Finish- it would be so wonderful seeing the Audio we listen to interpreted visually. Just this example already makes Peter and Adrian (I’m assuming it to be them) look sooo good, haha. (I’m hesitant to say better because I don’t want to be rude to the original, but in my opinion at least, I love them much more in this artstyle, haha)