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I would like to share some of my favourite fanfic writers, if anyone’s on the prowl for excellent Who fics!

Daring_elm writes lovely academy era screenplays (and extremely well-written erotica). Really great stuff all around- always gets me crying. They’re here on AO3:

River_of_words is absolutely incredible. Writes really moving, heartwrenching, emotional pieces. They’re often more fragmented and character-focused than plot-focused, which I personally really love in fanfic, which is why I love thier stuff so much!

Heimeldat is another one of my absolute favourites- she writes this amazing series about Gallifreyan anatomy that is always just so, so fascinating (can you tell I’m a big fan of the gallifreyan culture fandom?). She writes a lot of other really cool fics, and I definitely recommend checking her stuff out!

Bluelillyblue is my all-time favourite for their plots. Always so well thought-out. Perfect for a storyline you follow over a long period of time, as each chapter tends to be quite long, but always, always worth it. I first found bluelillyblue with their fic ‘lighthouse keeper’, which I freakin INHALED. Amazing stuff.

Now, of course, I am obligated to share the one the only the otp: Barnable. My friends know me as ‘that b— who won’t shut up about the Deca’. I started a deca wiki, that’s how insane I am about them. So, I am obligated to remind everyone at any oppurtunity- given or not- that the Deca series exists, and Barnable is amazing for writing it. A new chapter came out recently, actually! It’s a really long series but it’s worth a read. Set up like a sitcom, though there are darker themes as the deca get older, you really become attached to the characters. That’s why it’s great that it’s so long- there’s so much Deca to sink your teeth into!

There are loads more incredible fanfic writers out there, but these are like, my top five who I keep returning to and who I always recommend. I tend to go all in on the angst front, so most of the work of the people above is quite emotional and often angsty (Don’t come to me for fluffy, happily-ever-after type fics!). I mean, probably not a suprise to anyone on here who knows me from my own fics- my most recent fic was a collection of drabbles including such fun themes as ‘the Doctor and the Master bite each other and get weird with the blood’, ‘ghostf—ing’, and ‘yearning but can never touch’. So, yeah, if you want fluffy stuff, hope you can find someone else to give you fluffy recs!

Yours, Theta


is an incredible series 12 AU where it’s all on modern earth and the doctor is an investigative journalist who lives out of a campervan

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Ooh, Picnokinesis is actually another author I wanted to rec- have you read ‘and you will go to mykonos’?
Great rec! Omw to read about 12 living out of a campervan…

My favourite piece of DW fanfic and probably the biggest influence on my own creative writing around Time War/Gallifrey stuff.


Was going to drop this too, I read it last year and definitely stuck with me

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I go back every few months - It’s a really interesting artifact because it’s pre-War Doctor, so we get one of the only glimpses at what 8 fighting the Time War would have been like. The scale of it all is phenomenal, and all the little easter eggs are grand.

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I had forgotten this fic existed and its blown me away again how good it is

I have a few. All of them are long.

The first link is the 10th Doctor finding Clara. Some of the times with her puts him in stories that the 11 had with Clara and her echoes while also coming up with new ones. It’s very well written and worth the read.

If you’re interested in reading fanfic about Clara and Ashildr’s adventures post Hellbent then the next two are good. The second one does have some romance in later chapters. It also has multiple adventures rather than a single one which can make some adventures feel a bit rushed at times but I still enjoyed it.


I mainly go to this website for my fan fics its all doctor who ones

Duplicate doctor and rose fanfic link

Duplicate doctor and rose fan fics list

This I think can be categorized as a “fic” in a very loose way, it’s more like a fan-comic and it reminds me of the stuff Millionfish does with MGS and Star Trek (some of my favorite fanworks of all time). Been thinking on it again today because I’d like to use it as inspiration for the comic I’m working on currently. I love fan stuff that gets abstract like this. SO cool