Everything you ever wanted to know about The Keys of Marinus but were afraid to ask

One of my personal favourite Hartnell stories which intoduces the alien Voord to the Whoniverse (which is obviously a very good thing).

What does everyone think about the quest for the keys in Terry Nation’s second script for the show?

Is the Conscience machine actually a good thing? Are the Voord actually the good guys?

Is it just me or does The Snows of Terror remind anyone else a little bit of the final scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

How good is Hartnell in the courtroom scenes and why isn’t Kala acknowledged more as Doctor Who’s first female villain?

This Wakelet will link you to the wider universe of The Keys of Marinus


Currently in the middle of this one in my full watch and it’s one of my favorites so far. I think in part that’s because every episode has its own contained story, which helps it to avoid dragging like 6-parters tend to do.


this genuinely is one of my favorite shots in the whole show


I must say, The Keys of Marinus isn’t your average serial, it definitely gave me the vibes of a miniseries like Flux or Trial of a Time Lord while watching it.


This was my review of The Keys of Marinus from my marathon blog:

It’s good but not perfect. The unusual fetch quest narrative makes it stand out a bit. There’s some of Terry Nation’s lazy writing present. But there are many great parts, such as Part 2 and the trial towards the end. Vasor is one of the earliest creepy characters on the show; just look at how he harasses poor Barbara.

The Voord were created in hopes of them becoming the next Daleks, but we’ve never seen them on the show since. I find them a bit silly, but I guess they could work if redesigned somewhat.

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Big Finish has done a few stories with the Voord.


So have the comics iirc

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That’s why I wrote that they haven’t been “seen” since, because they haven’t returned on TV :wink:

Domain of the Voord develops them in really interesting ways. Highly recommended.

I remember enjoying this and I think that the quest narrative helps keep things interesting. The Voord definitely need a TV reappearance. Especially if RTD can do something interesting with and not just include them to have a returning monster.

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