Everything you ever wanted to know about The Edge of Destruction but were afraid to ask

What is everyone’s opinion of Doctor Who’s first ‘sideways’ story?

And if you fancy a trip Inside the Spaceship, have a look at this Wakelet I pulled together.

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The actual episode was bonkers, in my marathon I got seriously worried - had they run out of ideas already? Or just money?

But it is a little like a very, very, very basic precursor to things like Midnight and Wild Blue Yonder.

This reminds me how much of a disappointment Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS was for me, I was hoping it would be an epic episode where we got to spend time in the TARDIS and explore it in ways they couldn’t do in the past, but instead it was a bit naff.

But that’s quite off topic. I need to watch this serial again to remind me about it :sleepy:

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I change my mind about it every time I watch it. It didn’t impress my eldest but I know I’ve enjoyed the intensity of it in the past, especially the scissors scene and the melting clocks.

I do love the anecdote that BSB broadcast the two episode the wrong way round when they showed it as part of their Doctor Who weekend back in the 90s - what must people watching have thought was going on!

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To be honest I think it would make just as much sense the wrong way round as it did the right way :laughing:

As previously mentioned, I really love this one. One of my favorites of the classic stories I’ve seen. Bold move to have this early of a story be a bottle episode of the leads just tearing into each other but I think it’s great

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It’s less a bold move and more a necessity of circumstance. Toby Hadoke’s excellent Too Much Information podcast goes into a huge amount of detail as to why this story happened (and it’s nothing to do with sets not being ready for Marco Polo as urban legend sometimes suggested (and by urban legend, I mean the hazy memories of those who worked on it)).

I’d say that something can be out of necessity and still be bold (which I find is frequently the case with bottle episodes)

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Maybe, but I think, for me ‘bold’ suggests making a decision which isn’t necessarily one forced upon you which is, more or less, what happened with this story.

I think what’s bold is the direction that they took the story when they had to do a bottle episode. It could have easily been some sort of safer and more straightforward story with the same production constraints but instead it’s this eerie and paranoid episode of the main cast turning on each other under an uncertain threat. And I think that’s a lot to do in a show that’s barely even established any sort of status quo but it pulls it off really well


That’s a really good point. Actually the way the relationship between the Doctor and Barbara in particular is written is rather bold with Barbara willing to challenge the Doctor’s authority.

I concede to your analysis! :slight_smile:

I really don’t remember much about this one. I vaguely remember the scissors scene and the fast return switch, and the mention of Quinnis. I have little snippets of memories. I really should watch this again.