Everything you ever wanted to know about The Aztecs but were afraid to ask

An absolute favourite of mine and the one where the Doctor gets engaged.

What are you thoughts on The Aztecs?

And take a deep dive into this Wakelet


I love it! One of my comfort watches. Barbara is brilliant in this. & I think it was the story when I really started to like the First Doctor.


A top 3 First Doctor story for me! It looks great, takes a fascinating look into Aztec society, features a strong guest cast, and gets the central characters right as well. And we get the first lesson about the responsibilities of time travel. That scene @monkeyshaver linked is one of my favourites. The Doctor accidentally getting engaged to Cameca shows his softer, more grandfatherly side perfectly.


Lovely story, it gave us this gem from the Doctor:
“But you can’t rewrite history! Not one line!”

And I have always loved how easily Barbara engages in tomb robbing :grimacing::grin:


This should probably be rolled into the TV Club.