Episode Discussion: BOOM

This thread contains open SPOILERS for the episode BOOM, and any previous episodes. Please only discuss this episode here, use the other threads for discussions about future episodes.

Third episode of this season is “BOOM”, this one by Steven Moffat! If you want to discuss the others, head to their respective threads.

There’s a trailer here:

This’ll be posted a few hours before the episode, so you can speculate and such before it comes out here. (What fairytales will come up this time? Ruby is dressed all in red. Little Red Riding Hood?) You can reference earlier episodes, but the main discussion in this thread should be for BOOM.

The episodes should be on iPlayer and Disney+ at midnight BST, or 4 pm PST/7 pm EST in the US.

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Ooh so this is where the line “Everything is possible” comes from, which was used in the main series trailer. It was implied that the quote was about time travel but I guess not?

(Still trying to work out what this era’s “catchphrase” should be, for the badge).

I’m very excited for this episode. Love Moffat!


Wait, what? The discussion thread is already out? The ep drop is still tomorrow for me (GMT+8 here)

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Yeah I wanted to publish it early because people can speculate and stuff :sweat_smile:

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Great! I feel more weekend vibe already✓


It’s been in draft longer than there’s been an entry for BOOM. First version had this instead:


Moffat said in an interview it was nearly titled “Don’t Move”, but that was too similar to “Blink” so instead we got “Boom” which is also pretty similar :sweat_smile:

It also apparently has a similar vibe to Blink which is that Doctor Who stories can’t do tension, because the Doctor is so clever he removes all the tension. So the only way to make it tense is to remove the Doctor - either remove him from the story (Blink) or make him have to stand still the whole episode (Boom).

I feel this is either going to be an absolute genius classic, or a big letdown after all the fun, jumping and dancing of before.


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Always have a Harry or a Sonic Screwdriver when facing a landmine :boom::boom::boom:


Okay, here’s my theory before watching the episode:

There’s a title sequence. The Doctor and Ruby appear. There are other people as well. Some things go BOOM! The Doctor and/or Ruby save the day. Just this once, everybody lives! There are end credits and a next-time trailer!

Let’s see how right I was!


Hmmm no, I disagree. I think EVERYTHING will go boom :person_shrugging:

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Unfortunately, I wont find out for hours anyways, as I have to work today…

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WOWEEEEE… wowzers… yeah. Wow. Imagine the Moffat-iest episode of DW to ever Moffat and that’s exactly what this is.

And I loved it.


Enjoyed it. It flew by. Feels like a return to form.


Oh, that was so good!!! I don’t even have comprehensive thoughts right now - I just loved it. I mean, I gasped at THAT moment. I was on the edge of my seat. So very good


I really must say I had high hopes for BOOM, big Fan of Moffats Who, even if he had some weaker outings, at the very least some core ideas were always interesting. And so far I wasn’t too big on this Season, don’t get me wrong, as much as I enjoy Ncutis energy. Space babies was a decent opener with some bad jokes, while Devil’s chord while having a lot of great elements didn’t do it for me because there were a bit too many issues for me and I can. And do love campy Who.
But I won’t lie, I hoped Boom was a more serious outing and well it was and OMG I loved it. I probably will take some time before I have some comprehensive thoughts, but as siracarolyn somewhere pointed out, this felt like the most Moffat Episode ever.

For starters, it was a brave move to shoot Ruby, while obviously we knew she wouldn’t die, it worked very well for that Episode. And Ncuti. Oh Ncuti, I already enjoyed his energy from almost all the other Episodes he appeared, but this Performance was soooo stellar.
The Whole Idea of this Story and how it penned out was soooo good.

I loved the idea of having the Doctor on this landmine, his speech to that one soldier was so good, the Child Actress was pretty solid. Although I am a bit surprised how she didn’t get a moment to mourn for her Farther, of course he saved them, but that was a bit odd, even addressed by Ruby, but not a major Issue I had. That one love subplot was pretty solid too, and I pretty enjoyed 15 singing a Song to calm themselves down, as well as his rambling was pretty entertaining.

Yes I know this Era (or at least that Season) promised to go more into the unnatural and that’s all good and fine, but I won’t lie I hope 15 gets plenty of Sci-Fi leaning Stories like that.

Overall I am a Fan of it, so much to talk about but probably take a bit of time to process it. Looking forward to the next Episode! So far the stalker plot seems interesting, excited to see why this one was such a secret in the Marketing, at least so far.


Oh that was simply AMAZING. Really hoping we see Mundy Flynn again, and I really hope there’ll be something there with Ruby with THAT introduction.


Could not agree more - yeah, it was almost too Moffat in places, but I must say I have missed the vibe of his era so I loved it. I liked that Ncuti had a chance to really show off with it, and Millie was fabulous too - I was so invested the whole time. As you say, I too have enjoyed the other two episodes but this? Yeah, this was it for me. This is awesome


Initial thought is BOOM! That was great, and really really Moffaty! More sci-fi, less fantasy.

Ncuti really felt like The Doctor, I can’t quite put my finger on it but there was something missing in his portrayal for me until now. But he really felt like The Doctor to me :slightly_smiling_face:

But come on you are at Villengard and not a mention of a Banana?
Next week looks like it could be a good one as well :1tardis:


Agreed! I feel like it feels very much like the Capaldi Tenure in some ways. I must say I was a bit mixed at first when he was announced to return, but oh man I wouldn’t mind if he returns now and then if that’s the Quality we get!