DWM #602 - Discussion page

I think it might be nice to start doing discussions for the latest issues of DWM to go with the discussions of the first issues.
That being said, I am loving the Script to Screen articles, it’s fascinating to me to peek behind the curtain on the production of some of the key elements of recent stories


Very good idea and as soon as I’ve read some more of it I will contribute! Just am spending all my free Who time working on this site and the moment ahah.

I do always rush to the “Letter from the Showrunner” (rebranded this month to just “Russell T Davies” - interesting!). I love a bit of behind-the-scenes from Russell and whilst he keeps his cards close to his chest, I do like the little teases he gives. “Live vivisection”?! What has he done…

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The Hartnell interview/article is an excellent read and I’m intrigued by this Henry House thing that a lot of alumni are in.

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