DWM #5 - Discussion Page

Because the first 200 issues of DWM are easily accessable on Archive (Doctor Who Magazine Archive : Doctor Who Magazine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive), I thought it would to get discussions going on each issue. Be it about the comics, articles, short stories, how fandom has changed over the last 30-45 years, etc. This thread is specifically for DWM #5.

Hooray - a synopsis of Beyond the Sun, everyone’s favourite two episode ‘filler’ story.

An absolute must-read for anyone contributing to this week’s TV Club :wink:

Also, I’m stoked to be able to win a Raleigh bike.

Weird to have an article about the Master that only has two incarnations to talk about.

And Kroton - the Cyberman with a Soul!

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