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Because the first 200 issues of DWM are easily accessable on Archive (Doctor Who Magazine Archive : Doctor Who Magazine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive), I thought it would to get discussions going on each issue. Be it about the comics, articles, short stories, how fandom has changed over the last 30-45 years, etc. This thread is specifically for DWM #3.

Loving the Doctor Who and the Turgids adverts for the TARDIS Tuner in this and last issue.

I like how each of these issues are looking at the famous monster - Daleks, Cybermen and now Ice Warriors (with the Yeti next issue).

Also, the episode breakdowns of those early stories really must have been thrilling for fans in the days before VHS and novelisations of every story.

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As I mentioned on the last issue, I find it interesting that calling Serial #2 “The Dead Planet” never caught on.

It was based on the misunderstanding from the Radio Times 10th Anniversary special which listed each Hartnell story by the title of it’s first episode.

The Daleks became the default due to the VHS release but DWM have stuck to their guns of now calling it The Mutants (aka The Daleks) because this is the title, apparently, on contemporary paperwork. It’s also why they call the first story 100,000 BC (which I kind of like) and the third story Inside the Spaceship (which is my default title too).


Okay. While I think calling it “The Mutants” should be dropped (mainly because there’s another TV story with that name), I actually kind of like calling it “The Dead Planet”. Even though calling it “The Daleks” is rather descriptive and does keep within the primary naming conventions for Daleks stories.

Finished this issue. Not really much to comment on. I can see the appeal with exciting comics and little tidbits of episodes that were long past in the days before VHS. The Dalek strip is rather interesting.