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Because the first 200 issues of DWM are easily accessable on Archive (Doctor Who Magazine Archive : Doctor Who Magazine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive), I thought it would to get discussions going on each issue. Be it about the comics, articles, short stories, how fandom has changed over the last 30-45 years, etc. Every so often, I’ll start a new thread for a new issue. This thread is specifically for DWM #1.

So I’m reading through this and I can clearly see that it’s a more simple magazine than the powerhouse it would become later in the 1980s and onwards to the present. It’s still interesting though. Based on the “Letter from the Doctor”, I’ll be intersted to see if they do anything special for Issue 879 as “it really was a beauty”. It’s interesting to me that Serial #2 (what we call The Daleks, and is sometimes called The Mutants) is refered here by the title of its first episode, with the magazine refering to the story as The Dead Planet. I’m less intersted in the War of the Worlds comic, though I find the advertisment for the old Marvel Star Wars comic kinda neat. The first part of the Dalek comic was rather good. I’ll save my thoughts on The Iron Legion: Part 1 for the thread in the Comics category.

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I mean, they have to make issue #879 special after teasing it all these years! We’ve only got 279 issues to go; that’s around 21 years of waiting. I’ll be nearing my fifties, Matt Smith has finally joined Big Finsh, Tom Baker is still somehow making Big Finish audios, the 29th Doctor is called “the worst one ever,” and the BBC begins bringing back lost 60s stories through realistic AI animation.

Anwyays, I’m going to stop veering off topic and go read the issue instead :laughing:


Just got around to giving this a quick read.

Wasn’t it just a jim-dandy issue! :laughing:

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These early ones are rather light on content. I look forward to when we start more into the behind the scenes as we get deeper into the JNT era.