DW Calendar of events

Just wondered if anyone has put together a calendar of events for DW? Things like cast/crew birthdays or when an episode aired. Want something in a calendar format with all such data in the one place.


I don’t about a calendar format, but Tardis wiki has pages for each day of the year that do that: 1 January (people) | Tardis | Fandom, 1 January (releases) | Tardis | Fandom, 1 January (production) | Tardis | Fandom. Hope that helps. Otherwise you can go year by year with the same breakdown (people, releases, production).

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Thanks for the links, I really apprecite it! Alas, my ADHD will never let me remember to look up each page every day :joy:

I mean you could that as a basis to start port things into a calendar.


I feel like I always say this but…

That’s on my list!

I plan to add a calendar to the site called “Today in the Whoniverse” (or similar) and it will show things that were released on this day - TV, audio, books, etc.

I didn’t plan to add birthdays. I could do, I suppose…