Due Introduction

I’ve been here for a couple weeks, but I absolutely suck at introductions so it’s taken me til now to post here. I first heard of Doctor Who in 2005 during Eccleston’s short run because it overlapped with a Jurassic Park community I was in, but I didn’t immediately watch it. Over the years, I would catch a couple episodes here and there just channel flipping (Doctor Who aired on the same channel that I watched Star Trek, Supernatural, Primeval and Being Human on). I remember watching Gridlock and The Poison Sky prior to getting into the show just because they were on.

Eventually, I got into Doctor Who in 2010 when I picked up the DVD boxsets for Series 4 and 5 at a local video thrift store. I don’t really remember what it was that made me pick up the show, I think I saw one Matt Smith episode beforehand and really enjoyed it and that was enough to invest in the show. I watched Series 5 first and binged the whole season in two days. The first episode had me hooked and the finale blew my mind.

Saw Series 6 and 7 on TV as they aired as well as the 2013 specials (and lost my sh*t when Night of the Doctor premiered on YouTube), unfortunately ended up missing The Day of the Doctor and Deep Breath when they premiered in movie theaters, but I did see Deep Breath early. Kinda fell off during Series 8 though because I no longer had cable television and it wasn’t on any streaming services at the time, so I was always doing catch-up on Doctor Who until the Chibnall/Whittaker era.

Big fan of Torchwood as well, even Miracle Day, which was actually my introduction to the series. Around 2019, I got into Big Finish as well, McGann has since become by-and-far my favorite incarnation of The Doctor, which from the other introductions I saw here is a common sentiment which I adore. Close second is probably Pertwee, his era of ClassicWho is by and far the most enjoyable in my opinion, I know it’s heretical but I found most of the Tom Baker stories I’ve seen to be underwhelming and I miss the dynamic of The Doctor with Brigadier/UNIT. Liz Shaw is also a great and underrated companion.


Welcome! Fear not, heretical opinions are very welcome here (and you’re right anyway, Tom Baker isn’t the be all and end all of everything!!)



See, introductions are easy!

I love how it seemed like you were destined to be a Doctor Who fan but things kept getting in the way! Glad you’re here now :blush:


Hi there. Welcome to the site and forum.


Hey, welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forum @ThePatchedVest - great to have you here.